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Fs: 6X2X2.5

11 July 2018 - 01:52 PM



6x2x2.5' - 12mm Glass, Black Silicone and less than 6 months use. Presents as new. reduced from $500 to $300


Is drilled for an overflow, with an overflow box and comb installed. 


Will throw in the stand - which is pallet racking that I have had professionally spray painted for an extra $100.



South West Carpet Pythons - Free To Good Home

10 July 2018 - 10:56 AM



Long story short - after being messed around by countless people and offering these snakes to stores for an absolute steal. I have decided to offer my pair of adult SWCP's for free to the right home. 


Any long term members of the forum that would like a free pair of SWCP's (you will have to pay the transfer fee's) or any young reptile keepers out there that would like to try their hand at breeding (please send a PM). I am being trusting in that the person will not on sell them immediately and would just like to see them go to someone who will enjoy them.


Both adults and have produced a viable clutch of eggs in the past. Actually nice looking snakes! They handle OK without being great, both are pigs, and love a feed, but once out are generally alright. Probably wouldn't recommend them with very young children.


I would much rather see these go to a PCS member or someone part of a pet society or a young keeper. I remember being a kid/student many years ago and if i can help out a budding young reptile keeper even better,


You will need a cat 3 license, and I would like these gone within the next week as we are expecting a child and would like these gone before then.


Once these are gone - I will have some young up for sale or free to good homes to young keepers. Bottom line is I would rather give these snakes away to people who will enjoy them rather than give them to stores that were completely unwilling to help me out to then on sell the snakes.


Please PM

Fs - Large Air Pumps

11 June 2018 - 08:24 PM



I have two  one Pond One Air Pump 8000's




Pretty much new with less than 6 months use out of both of them. Used them to tumble 100L of K1 media without fault.



8X3X2' Reef Tank Journal

27 May 2018 - 11:08 AM


After along lay off from having a reef tank, I made the hard to decision to sell all of my freshwater stingrays and set up a new reef tank!
The tank is in our front lounge room that backs onto our double car garage. I picked this room of the house, as it was easy to drill through the brick wall and turn half the garage into my 'equipment' room. 
The tank itself is a 8x3x2' (LxWxH) glass, black silicone and starfire/low iron front and sides (made by Ocean Reefs). The stand I had professionally welded by a local fabricator, and powder coated 'satin' black. I picked a Satin finish (low gloss) as it gives a bit more of a 3D feel rather than matt black that very much looks 2D. I used Sheffield Metal Fabricators in Welshpool for the stand, if anyone wants a stand knocked up Adam and Sheffield is a great guy to deal with.
The stand is all open and won't be cladded with anything. I think the height and sleekness of the stand being open gives the tank an illusion of being taller than it is at only 60cm/24". Also having a bracket made and finished the same as the stand that will go over the tank for the lighting to hang from.
The tank was also drilled for a Synergy Ghost Overflow, and has been plumbed as a bean animal system to reduce noise as much as possible. 
The idea is that no plumbing will be seen from the front when viewing the tank and the pipe work will go through the wall and all that will be seen is an open stand with the wall and back of the tank also painted black. The idea is to black everything out; back glass, stand and wall and try get as much focus on the colours of the fish and corals.
The quarantine tank also sits in the garage in the equipment room. The QT tank is bigger than what most people would use, but I had it from one of my FW set ups and the tank was pretty much brand new. QT is 4'x2.5'x1.5' approx' 400L/100Gal - and will be filters by an Aqua One Nautilus 2700. I also like the idea of being able to quarantine decent amounts of fish at a time. The rock in the display is Carib Sea Life Rock, a combination of 'shelf' and 'shapes'. Ordered online to try it out and see if I'd use it on the display. 
Sump - 4'x2.5'x1.5' and is approx' 400L/100Gal. I have already bought my skimmer, ended up going with the Nyos Quantum 300. I got this skimmer as it had some very good reviews, came recommended and seemed to be reasonable value for money. 
I will keep this thread updated as things, change and things should come along pretty quickly. Next up is to get the back of the tank painted and the wall drilled and painted to get the tank moved back onto the wall!

Fs - 2 Tier 6X2X2.5'

14 May 2018 - 01:26 PM



One tank sold, so whole set up is no longer available. 


6x2x2.5' less than 6 months use (in excellent condition) 12mm glass, black silicone. The tank is also drilled with an overflow with dual 40mm holes. $500, Price dropped to $400 can throw in a 300watt heater as a sweetener.


Pond One 8000 air pump (less than 6 months use) $100




Up for sale is a 2 tier 6x2x2.5 (LxWxH). 


This is a near on brand new set up. The top tank has never even seen water! The bottom tank probably got 6 months of use but presents as brand new. The stand is pallet racking (the industrial orange and blue), that I had professionally sprayed black. 


Both tanks are drilled with 40mm over flow with combs attached. 


Comes with my 'home made' k1 filter - made from a 220L food grade drum (bought as new not reconditioned), 100L of K1 media and Pond One 8000 air pump that I was using to circulate the media. All filter components are 6months old and present as new. The filter works a treat, I had 6 rays being fed multiple times a day and didn't skip a beat. 


The way the set up with designed was with the overflows on apposing sides to let the top tank flow into the bottom then into the filter and then pumped back to the top. So the filter will effectively filter both tanks. 


Will also throw in a 300watt heater (6months old). All you need is a return pump and she is good to go.


$1400 firm $1200 firm for the set up. Like i said it presents as new because it pretty much is. My loss is someone's gain on this. 


Please PM


Apologies about the orientation of the photos, couldn't seem to fix it.