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Wtb Otocinclus Catfish

24 December 2014 - 08:43 AM

Hi everyone


anyone seen any otos? ( N Of R preferred )

Cleaned Seaview out of their last one :)




Water In Kingsley And Surrounds ?

19 September 2014 - 04:02 PM

Having recently moved house I am having all manner of strange water issues with my tank.

The tank was recently planted out using ADA Aquasoil.

After filling I did 80% water changes are recommended ( 1 1/2 weeks )

Everytime the water looked very cloudy ( milky ) but new water looked clear.'

Next day cloudy again, running 2 x ehiem 2217 ( already seeded as off other tanks so no cycle started ) along with 2 x powerheads with very fine filter wool the water cleared ( kinda ).


So at 3 week mark I added fish and some shrimp. All were  happy and doing well.

Did water change of about 30% , while filling fish started to die!!

After about 1 hour all fish dead ( threadfin rainbows and spotted blueyes ) and 1/2 of my shrimp.

Next day 3/4 of shrimp dead.


As tank is now, shrimp that survived looked great but tank is still milky.

Now before I get told off for not checking water before use etc I had been doing these sorts of water changes in previous home with no issues.

So my question is, does anyone else have water issues in Kingsley or surrounds?

( I know Kane has cloudy/milky water so I am not alone )

( doing odd hours so haven't made it to lfs to get water actually tested )





Second Edition Of Adrian Tappin's Rainbowfishes E Book (80 More Pages) Being Printed

12 September 2014 - 07:25 PM

Second Edition of Adrian Tappin's Rainbowfishes E Book (80 more pages than 1st edition ) is being organised to be printed

Price is $180 delivered

I have nothing to do with this apart from sharing it



 Peter Matheson says ,I have had many requests to have this book reprinted, and so after a few months of going from printer to printer to get quotes etc i have finally had Adrian Tappins book reprinted as a test copy to show what the print run will look like. its with his permission and with no profit made by me.

This is a high standard of printing, the book is stitch bound, 557 pages printed in full colour on high gloss paper. its hard cover, blue in colour with gold lettering for the front title... and also on the spine(looks slightly embossed).
Its a beautiful book and some say the bible for rainbowfish lovers, a must have in my opinion.

The way this will work:

The price per book is $155.50 without postage, postage will be extra ontop of that price and im finding that out tommorow. The final price will be rounded off and will be the same for everyone regardless of if your my neighbor or someone from Perth, this will help pay for bubble wrap and any addition costs that i havent come across and makes it less of a headache for me.
Any money left over from postages will be donated to angfa national.
All books will be sent in bubble wrap to keep them safe.

I am doing this all for free out of my own time and i hope we as a collective group of hobbyists can get this reprinted.
There is 3 blank pages in the book also,the blank pages are page 291 an error occurs on it and cant be printed, you can see it in the downloadable version.
the other 2 blank pages are meant to be blank and no pages are skipped.
I need 50 people to pay for this before it will get printed. if that doesant happen then the book will not get its print run. i will not dip into my own savings to make this happen its up to you guys now, i hope you get in and secure your copy fast. Previously 35 people said they would be happy to pay upwards of $200 for a good copy, this will be under $200 a copy delivered to your door.
Thanks to everyone in advance and ill get back to the group tommorow with a final price and how to pay.

Pete the admin


and link to the page organising printing facebook only sorry





And here is the Ebook for free so this isn't a money making thing.





Fs 4 Foot Tank On Stand

31 August 2014 - 07:36 AM

4 foot tank on stand

Can sms photos if you wish

Tank is in good condition BUT not perfect
Hold water no leaks

Was my cold water native display until moved house.
Stand is very heavy duty ( marine ply , jarrah frame painted )

Pickup Kingsley ( North of river )

I will attach photos when I find the damn phone Grr moving house :(





Free T5 2 Foot Tubes ( For All 4 )

24 August 2014 - 04:08 PM


New never used

T5 tubes

as in photos

Reply here pls