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Aeration Rate Fluidised Bed

08 November 2019 - 03:51 PM



I was looking at my brand new tank...Okay Look reality is I dont care how long it takes to set up.  No great hurry, and my wife only lets me spend x amount a week so I have to be careful with the pennies.  


Anyway, I have a nano tank, and have purchased about 4 litres of plastic bio things from China as the media...after all they will work, cost pennies and look pretty good surface area is surface area.  In looking at it I realised I can set up a reverse flow aeration to semi fluidised bed of these bead things.  


Being what I am the first thing I said to myself was what is the air rate per square foot or metre?  Sorry cant help myself I now need to find this out before I can move forward.


Anyone got a link or something?

Wtb: Smaller Interesting Limestone

06 November 2019 - 05:37 AM

I have a new tank it is 400mm by 400mm by 400mm.  So yes its small.  I am looking for some smaller pieces of limestone suited to brichardi or similar to help me set this up.


Looked at a few pieces here and there but the shop pieces seem a bit too bulky or not tall enough.  I am wanting to build towards a triangle with apex in the centre or a U shape, more or less.



Perhaps PM with a photo next to a mobile or pen or something I can get an idea of size against?

Old Is New Again

05 November 2019 - 07:31 AM

About 12-15 years back now I sold my tank.  We were moving into a rental and I couldn't easily accommodate my 8 by 2 by 2.


About 8 weeks ago, the wife decided to purchase a community tank and started to keep fish again.  After a few bum steers from pet shops, including one where I successfully argued their advice was bogus, I became involved.  I have been fairly busy with a few issues at work, and consequently the wife was trying not to drag me in to her issues.


Anyway, after a bit of thought, I have decided I would like to set up a new tank.  Only a small Nano tank this time and am looking to get some brichardi.  Always been partial to them, but didn't keep them previously as I didn't think they would mix with the old tanks population well.


For work I am a water treatment and bug specialist in a commercial environmental world.  Whilst I am restricted in details I can release due to NDA's,  I am often primary technical on public bathing facilities with microbial issues.


The tank I have bought is about 1/5 filter ... funny that.


Anyway, I probably wont be a regular here but if there is a way I may be able to assist please ask?


PS:  Even translation of ion specific ion tests to KH and GH is a bit of light work I can help with