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In Topic: Leichardti’S 6X2X2 Bedside Display

Yesterday, 11:19 AM

Just a funny clip I got the other night with some actinic fluros on; Sooty having a dig around the place

In Topic: Leichardti’S 6X2X2 Bedside Display

19 April 2018 - 10:00 AM

The tank hasn’t fully cleared up yet - Been doing daily 50-60% waterchanges and it’s nearly clear. I realllly should have washed that river sand first [emoji51]
During a 50% waterchange today I started to put some rocks in the tank.
Building up around the wood. Still moving them around a bit to get them looking the way I want.
Sleepy and Coaly seemingly enjoying having some rocks in the tank
Perfect timing... Coaly having a go at the Sleepy Cod [emoji58]
Now all filled up. Satisfied with the way the rocks are for now, might still move them around though.
Seriously thinking about getting a / some bullrout for this tank. Want an oddball of some sort. Would love to have redclaw crays...
Back right third of the tank will be planted up with Vallisneria and Limnophila Aromatica.

Just a bit of a photographic update [emoji4]

In Topic: Leichardti’S 6X2X2 Bedside Display

16 April 2018 - 07:04 PM

Still deciding on that @Delapool. Most likely going to use a Co2 reactor on the outflow piping to best diffuse it

In Topic: Leichardti’S 6X2X2 Bedside Display

16 April 2018 - 10:22 AM

Yesterday I got the substrate side of things done.
Using three large black bins I drained ~250l of water from the tank which the fish went into, and drained out the rest.
About 1cm of propogating sand was spread around the base of the tank for the base layer.
On top of this I added a layer of shell grit + blood n bone. Roughly a handful of shell grit went in per square foot, and roughly 3 tablespoons of blood n bone around the whole base, not something I was keen on overdosing.
Once the “base layers” were finished I capped it all with about 1.5 inches of GinGin Quartz (River Sand). This keeps all the nutrients, minerals and all the plant goodies out of the water column.
All done and (carefully) refilling
Layers from bottom; Propogating sand (brown sand), shell grit & blood n bone, riversand cap. Layers look pretty cool imo aha
Fish back in a very cloudy tank... not a happy chappy.
Photo from just now. Tank is clearing up, did a 40% waterchange just before this photo to help it along a little

Now that I have a reasonable substrate in the tank I need to work on the other important things - Lighting, fertilizer and Co2. Currently I have a metal halide on the tank which would do the job, however I don’t like the weight of it, nor the fact that only one side works.
Some potential lighting upgrades include:
2x MicMol AquaAir 90 “Planted”
3x Aqua Illumination Prime HD “Planted”
I think the latter would be the better option, but the former the cheaper. Opinions on lighting welcome [emoji4]
On the other hand I also need to get my Co2 back up and running. I have everything needed however my regulator and gauges have stuffed themselves.
For ferts I’ll be using the EI method + root tabs for heavy root feeders.
A long road to get everything setup the way I plan, but looking forward to it

In Topic: Leichardti’S 6X2X2 Bedside Display

16 April 2018 - 08:15 AM

Delapool & RedEvilz: Blood and bone yes would normally effect the water chemistry. However the way the substrate works is a layer of propogating sand is put in first, then the blood and bone + shell grit which is then capped with riversand. That way the blood and bone is utilized by the plants without leaching all into the water.

Robbo: Aware its not exactly orthodox, or the safest, but yes the stand was purposely built that way. It’s going to have panels added to all sides, and building the stand this way will mean that the tank will be flush with the cladding.
Not the safest at all atm, but it will be once finished