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In Topic: Puddle Pirating In Wa

24 February 2019 - 12:03 AM

Our waterways and fish can certainly be bizarre. How does one catch a 3cm Mullet all the way up in Bells Rapids? Pesky buggers are everywhere but wasn’t expecting to find a juvie all the way up there.
Peter and Lyndon are very knowledgable fellas.
What type of Gudgeons, you mean Empires still? There was a mud crab caught in the Swan recently..

As for the nightfish, I’m highly inclined to believe Lyndon, I’m sure its possible. Very old fish though. When you think about it Murray Cod are meant to reach 180cm and Tandanus Tandanus 80-90cm once in a while but you never hear about that. Sure he was talking about nightfish not river blackfish though, easy name mixup?

In Topic: Leichardti’S 6X2X2 Bedside Display

04 February 2019 - 07:49 AM

I can actually get the Oxeye pretty cheap. $50 a pop for juvies or $80 for adults. But yeah size is a big factor and the reason I’ll probably go for the Archers. Just need collectors to come up with some mid sized ones.

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In Topic: Leichardti’S 6X2X2 Bedside Display

03 February 2019 - 03:29 PM

I’m waiting to earn some money for fish Jules. Hoping to get myself some Chatareus or Oxeye Herring.

The Pogo is doing well in my tank Delapool. Fish havent touched it, sounds like yours were just keen for a salad

In Topic: Leichardti’S 6X2X2 Bedside Display

31 January 2019 - 03:52 PM

Plants plants plants!!!!!

Everything about this tank in the last few weeks has been about plants, both good and bad.

For starters:


I built a huge reactor, leak proof. Uses a 20 inch water filter housing for the body. Performs very well, no bubbles, nearly silent and I reckon I've got very near 100% absorption of Co2.






I've obtained another 3x Blyxa aubertii. Very large ones this time, 40cm tall. Very healthy and happy, have been pearling like mad.

I've also bought 4x pots of Pogostemon stellatus and a single pot of Limnophila aromatica. Emersed forms so they are currently transitioning but seem plenty happy. 


This photo is from when I was trialling the LED Pendant. Great colours.




Cleaned out my sump and reorganised it. Going to be utilising filter socks from now on, they are very good at catching detritus, just have to swap them out every few days and pressure wash them. I should probably get my hands on some more biological media but the scoria is doing well and I hardly have a high bioload.


Attempted to re-calibrate my pH probe. Broke it in the process so now the tank is in blackout mode until Saturday when I pickup a new one. Plants are fine in the meanwhile, did a giant waterchange to remove my ferts for this period to try avoid any algae issues.



I've 95% finished the LED Pendant. It is all wired up and looks great over the tank. All that's left now is to build a mounting arm and install a smaller cable gland for the fan.


Here's a video of it over the tank. Excellent spread and shimmer.






Really excited to get this running over the tank full time, then to build a second one. 

And a third and forth. Marine versions   :lol:

In Topic: Magnificent Tree Frog Questions

29 January 2019 - 09:55 AM

Check this page out, dont need facebook just open the link
They make terrarium backgrounds but there’s some pretty cool terrariums on the page. And a pignose turtle