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Cichlid Sales

02 September 2017 - 07:37 PM

Hi all i am interested in finding breeders who would be willing to sell me labidochromis chisumulae and otopharynx lithobates. Interested in any other relatively peacefull malawi cichlids and only after young fish. Wont be in Perth till early March so if anyone is breeding or has breed these and interested in selling please let me know what you have.



Cichlid Suppliers

14 August 2017 - 02:23 PM

Hi all.

Am looking for breeders / aquarium stores etc that would be interested in shipping live fish to country areas ( Geraldton ). Current tank is temporary and setting up a larger african cichlid tank but lost quite a few recently for unknown reasons, so will need to restock at some stage but looking for alternatives to driving all the way to Perth.

Any recommendations please.


Uv Sterilizers

06 August 2017 - 09:01 PM

Hi all.

Thinking about adding a uv sterilizer to my tank. The tank in question is still in the planning / construction phase, got the tank, its 650/700 Lts and going to be running a pair of Eheim 2217's. Its going to be stocked with African cichids and a few plants , the tempory tank the fish are currently in has algae problems and with out cutting back food even more and starving the fish was thinking about adding a uv sterilizer into the plumbing set up when i get that far, but have never had one and no idea about plumbing it into the return line of one of the Eheim canisters. Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated.


Regards Stewie17

Advice Needed Re Nitrites

11 June 2017 - 10:55 AM

Seeking advice regarding nitrites in my cichlids tank, its only a temporary tank untill i can get a new larger tank with better filtration in a couple of months. using API freshwater master test , NO2 produces results showing nitrites are 5.0ppm. nitrates are 0ppm, high range ph is sitting about 7.5. slowly trying to push the ph up to @8. i have done two 30% water changes in the last two days and made no differance to the test results. The tank isnt heavly stocked ( 8 electric yellows ,3 benga peacocks and 1 blue peacock cichlid in @ 190Lt tank ) and i have four reasonably healthy locking amazon swords growing in the tank. I havnt feed the fish for 24 hours and probably wont for another 24.

Any advice would be appreciated


Stocking Levels And Food Types

07 May 2017 - 05:00 PM

Looking for advice please


I currently have a 900mm , 220Lt planted tank, stocked with the following 8 electric yellow cichlids, 1 black ghost knife, 2 gourami, 2 tetra black widows, 2 platy, several tiger barb and 1 bristle nose. I dont seem to be able to keep more than 1 bristle nose at a time for unknown reasons. My question is this stocking levels to much as i just saw 3 benga peacock cichlids for sale locally and was thinking they maybe to much for my tank.

Secondly was reading someware on the net that i shouldnt be using bloodworms in with my cichlids as this can harm them ( they seem to be going ok up untill now) but these are mainly food scource for my ghost knife.

Any opinion or advice appreciated