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Apteronotus Albifrons - Black Ghost Knife Fish

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Posted 06 March 2014 - 08:06 PM

BGKF are commonly sold as community fish, but this is in correct and if the LFS doesnt give a warning when selling them the buyer will find out as they grow that they will start to lose their little Tetras etc
They are a predator by nature and grow to around 30cm (50cm in the wild), they can become very friendly towards their keeper and will feed from their hand.
BGKF emit a very small electric pulse that CAN NOT be felt by Humans and is used for finding food and as a defense against larger predators.
I kept a BGKF a few years ago that would emit the pulse when it was feeding time so the fish would not come near my hand for the food, he would also chase them away.
They are scaleless are care needs to be taken if the tank needs to be treated with any chemicals.
They prefer a dull light on the aquarium, somewhere to hide like a pipe or hollow wood & feeding of bloodworms occasionally.
In the Amazon it is believed that the Ghosts of the dead take up living as a BGKF hence the name.



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