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Show Table - How To

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Posted 03 March 2017 - 09:12 PM

Due to a growing number of people interested in showing fish on our monthly show table. I thought I would provide a few tips and information.


The Perth Cichlid Society has a number of empty aquariums available for use exclusively for the show table. These tanks are not sanitized prior to each meeting but are emptied and the excess water is allowed to evaporate between meetings. These tanks are left empty and dry for the next meeting/ showtable which may be a month or 2 away. Most diseases won't survive without a host or being dried so disease risks are low.


Please contact me (sajica) (current Show Table organiser) if you would like a tank on the show table booked. Booked fish and tanks will get preference if there is an abundance of entrants. We don't want to annoy or offend people, so please let me know beforehand :)


Prior Preparation

Before entering your fish for the show table. It's handy to purge your fish before for a few (2 or 3) days and do a couple of water changes if it's been a while or atleast one if needed. This will lower the amount of waste produced in transit and in the show tanks. It's not completely necessary but some fish don't travel well in crap water.


The fish should be in fairly good condition too as close as possible to maximum size and looking as nice as those pretty pics on the internet you've seen. Some people will choose to feed something in the way of a colour enhancing diet before hand to boost the colour (personal preference). Bare in mind the fish will be stressed out so the colour will be somewhat subdued.


Some people can be a bit funny about sharing nets with other people so bring a few along that are size appropriate to the size of the size of the fish and bucket you're bringing if you choose to bring a bucket. We should have a few available for use but I know some fishkeepers are paranoid about sharing anything from outside their little glass bubbles :P



This is a personal preference thing, much like a lot of things in the hobby. Some people prefer buckets with a battery operated airpump attached and some people will prefer to bring with fish in a bag and a separate bucket of water. There's no real right or wrong way. Either way factor in around 20L or so of water. That should be enough to fill up the tanks to a reasonable level but we will have water conditioner available to top up the tank as needed.


Showing the fish

If you need to put an ornament or something in the tank to keep the fish secure that's fine but it will need to be removed prior to judging. They're the rules in the interest of keeping an even playing field.


We have an airpump and airstones available so your valuable fish won't starve of oxygen. There are no heaters or filters though. Please don't bring filters as we likely won't be able to plug them in due to electrical availability. We will visit the idea of heaters in winter when winter comes. I don't expect the room to get too cold in the new venue.


Packing up

Please try and be considerate and tidy when setting up and shutting down your show tank. There are towels available but please try not to make a mess. We don't want to leave water stains on the carpet.


Thanks Guys



NB I will add to this as needed as things become apparent or suggested






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