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Seachem Safe Doesing Chart

07 September 2018 - 04:58 PM

So I have been looking all over the internet for dosing amounts for seachem safe, I found a lot of mixed dosing rates, So I went to the seachem web site to double check the label on my seachem safe is the same, apparently they have changed the dosing rates which are correct on my bottle of seachem safe, but I wanted to know how much I needed to treat smaller tanks, So I made up a chart for easier reference below, Just posting it here so I don't loose it. btw the grams is pretty much the same as milliliters if you do not have scales, I personally ordered a set of "Mad Millie Culture And Enzyme measuring spoons" these have the tad, dash, pinch smidgen and drop measurements. For smaller tanks not listed the normal dosing rate is basically 0.1g / 100mg per 100 liters, so if you had a 20 litre tank it would be 20mg / 0.02g for a normal dosing rate



[Update "Drop" = 1/40 tsp or 1/64 tsp, Depends on what brand of measuring spoons used]


Fish Room Insulation For Perth Weather

16 December 2017 - 09:00 AM

Just looking for some advice on insulation, I am in the process of building an outside fish room made from timber with weather board cladding and colorbond sheet roofing, just wanting to know what sort of insulation I would need for Perth weather? it is a 7mx3m and 2.4m high with an "A" frame roof, I am sure there are people who have done similar builds on this forum, so I would really like to know what you guys used and how it worked out for you during the Perth seasons. Also any recommendation on heating/cooling equipment, I don't really want to go a split system, I was thinking more of a portable device that can heat and cool(Portable split system type thingy) 




This is where I am up to so far, don't mind the mess its still in construction...

Attached File  Fish.Shed.Construction.jpg   105.7KB   10 downloads




Thanks in advanced..

Fish Suggestions "summer Tubbing"

01 October 2017 - 08:38 PM

Just wondering what fish would be suitable to keep under a patio outside in Perth weather, It's coming up to summer and would really like to throw some fish into those brown plastic olive barrels, I have 2 barrels that I have cut in half's to make 4 "tubs". If anyone does the "Summer Tubbing" thing maybe you could throw up a few suggestions plus tips and tricks to keeping a summer tub going. I have 4 extra large seeded sponge filters and a bigboy airpump and ready to go. I think it might be just a tad cold just yet to set up, as night temps are still around 10 degree Celsius, but was thinking once it reaches around 15 Celsius during the nights that would be a good time to start. All ideas and suggestions welcome regarding the fish and tub setup