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Juvie Geo Sudden Death - Any Experiences?

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#1 Johny

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Posted 15 February 2019 - 01:33 PM

Bit of background, In my grow out tank I have 5 Juvie Geophagus tapajos approx 6-8cm in length, along with a couple other juvenile sized fish.
Been in there for about 3 weeks now all feeding well and no issues until this morning when I find one to have suddenly died. 

Checked all my water parameters and everything checked out good. Always keep the water extremely clean and perform a small 15-20 percent water change every 2-3 days. They've been eating blood worms and brine shimp and the occasional pellets.

Never kept Geos so dont quite know from experience so asking here but has anyone had something similar happen? Is there something I should look out for? Do they get aggressive towards each other or other fish when the lights are off?

Just dont want them dying on me or potentially worse I have another prized fish in that tank so dont want any aggression towards that.
Any experience or tips will be great!

#2 moses123

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Posted 19 February 2019 - 09:00 PM

What size is your tank? What other fish do you keep with them? What substrate? Any fertilizers? Temperature? I assume you use conditioner with water changes?

Geos are generally peaceful fish. I used to keep a colony with 2 breeding pairs and never had any issues.
Havent kept fish in a while but I recall them requiring vegetable matter in their diets. Pellets should be small at their size, sinking 0.5mm so they can sift through the sand. Probably feed them less brine/bloodworms.
Also, I'm pretty sure they can be a bit sensitive to unstable water parameters (i.e. constant water changes). Maybe do 10% every 2 days and 15% every 3rd change which is still 45% water change every 6 days but a bit easier on the fish.
Or could just be the other fish. Also, fish can get quite aggressive at night considering that when a fish is found dead, it's usually in the morning.

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