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Black Smudgy Spots Appearing On My Fish

06 October 2017 - 08:26 PM

Type of fish: clown loaches and various Malawi cichlids and peacoks
Symptoms: black smudgy spots appearing on their body
Other tank mates:
Tank size / capacity: 680 litres
Type of Food fed: algae pellets , floating and sinking cichlid pellets
Feeding frequency/amount: feed daily only what they can eat in a minute or two
Substrate: sand 
Type of filtration: 2 ext canister filters
Frequency of filter cleans: rotated 1 per fortnight
Frequency and % volume of water changes: weekly  25%
Last water change: 4 days ago 
Water temp: 26 degrees
Medications used recently to date: none 
Any recent changes..new fish/filters/power outages etc etc:  filter is about a month or so old and just added 2 princess cichlids one of which now has a black spot too


its really weird ive noticed a lot of my fish are getting these smudge ink looking black spots and they aren't small spots either well some are lol

apart from the spots they are fine they are all acting normal eating and breeding as usual 

none of them are flicking around or look sick though I do have one red jewel that has a gill sticking out looking kinda injured but she did that a few weeks ago

and is perfectly fine except for looking kinda deformed 

any advice would be greatly appreciated ive googled till my fingers hurt but cant find an answer

the most affected are the loaches and they didn't have the spots  when they were in the big 1300 ltre tank

cheers peeps

I Cant Get My Tank Clear

10 September 2017 - 05:57 PM

ive just put a new bioprow 2200 uvf external cannister filter on my 600 litre (approx) tank and i just havent been able to clear up the cloud in the tank


there are quite a few fish in there a couple of plecos, 3 bristlenoses, about 6 fulu's, a yellow belly albert and a variety of peackocks and a couple of clown loaches should


i drop another filter on it or is there something ive done wrong. suggestions please.