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#364203 How I See Next Couple Of Steps In Space Colonization

Posted by boops on 26 November 2017 - 10:03 AM

As desirable as Mars may be heard arguments from one of the NASA lads that outlined the problems with Mars as opposed to a space station to me he won the argument . So how to make the money and pay the bills ?Now while I've been chipping away at what was childlike ignorance over the last couple of years in this subject ( if only I cared when I was going to School ) my confirmed knowledge is still quite shabby .


 So when asteroid mining gets to the necessary level mine the appropriate asteroids to make a rotating space station .Ideally the station could be comprised of the levels of metals needed to kick start mars so that years down the track it can be totally recycled .Sending excess platinum group metals back to Earth.


Initially the space hub goes to a lagrange  points L4 or L5 .So   these stations rotate to produce Mars pseudo gravity and what ever pseudo gravity makes space sports the best they can be as well as microgravity games in the centre of spacestation .I think there's a international market worth many billions a year .They also do satellite recycling and or refurbishing for work .


So after x amount of years when they have more of a idea of the effects of Mars like gravity on the body and have advanced technical skills for living in space more .Put appropriately radiation  shielded space station on it's way to Mars on a coarse that's called a ballistic capture .Takes several more months but if your properly shielded the that seems ok .


  Space station people get ferried to mars and the space station gets sent to Mars to get turned into desired infrastructure. Repeating process as often as needed improving each generation of space station until mars becomes self reliant for said elements.