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German Pre Order Through Morley Aquariums

apistos angels corys cichlids

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#1 Morley Aquariums

Morley Aquariums
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Posted 06 August 2015 - 10:29 AM

Hi All, it has been suggested I post this here. We have another shipment of German fish coming. This is a pre order only shipment mainly featuring apistogrammas, corys, angels & discus. There are also various tropicals & Africans. The orders must be in by next Wednesday so be quick. Please phone us (92762266) for pricing as I am prone to missing messages. Best to note the code of the fish & include that with your query. We will supply W.A only so no east coast queries please.

please also note that minimum quantities do apply, these are noted on the list. no deposit required, payment on collection.


100203 Arnoldichthys spilopterus red eye tetra 5-6cm

133503 Gnathonemus petersi longnose 10-12cm

133511 Gnathonemus petersi bred 3-4cm

133563 Gnathonemus petersi GOLD gold longnose 10-12cm

183413 Synodontis nigriventris ZEBRA zebra upsidedown cat 3-4cm


South American fish:

200501 Abramites hypselonotus 3-5cm

200502 Abramites hypselonotus 4-6cm

206404 Aphyocharax anisitzi g.br. red fin tetra lg

206512 Aphyocharax paraguayensis bred md

206802 Aphyocharax rathbuni green fire tetra md

208004 Apteronotus leptorhynchus brown ghost 12-15cm

210004 Boe.fredco.(Knodus borki) wild blue Peru tetra lg-xlg

212504 Brochis splendens green cat lg-xlg


Cardinals, perfect acclimatized:

216553 Cheirodon axelrodi g.br. md-lg

216601 Cheirodon axelrodi/COLOMBIA sm

216602 Cheirodon axelrodi/COLOMBIA sm-md

216603 Cheirodon axelrodi/COLOMBIA md-lg

216604 Cheirodon axelrodi/COLOMBIA lg

216605 Cheirodon axelrodi/COLOMBIA lg-xlg

216614 Cheirodon axelrodi GOLD eu.br. lg-xlg

219553 Copella arnoldi g.br. splash tetra md-lg



220105 Corydoras acutus xlg-sh

220203 Corydoras adolfoi lg

220211 Corydoras adolfoi bred sm

220503 Corydoras aeneus ALBINO md

221005 Corydoras aeneus wild xlg-sh

221012 Corydoras aeneus g.br. md

221054 Cor.aeneus NEON GREEN STR.wild md-lg

221074 Coryd.NEON-GOLD-STR.wild CW10 lg-xlg

221453 Corydoras agassizi NANAY lg

221604 Corydoras amandajanea wild xlg

221703 Corydoras ambiacus md-lg

221704 Corydoras ambiacus lg

222002 Corydoras arcuatus sm-md

222005 Corydoras arcuatus lg-xlg

222104 Corydoras armatus lg

222105 Corydoras armatus/VENEZUELA lg-xlg

223604 Corydoras sp.C 3 wild lg-xlg

223865 Corydoras sp. Eder II xlg

224012 Cor.(Scleromyst.)barbatus g.br 3-4cm

224902 Corydoras brevirostris sm-md

225612 Corydoras caudimaculatus bred md

225753 C.sp.aff.potaroensis/spotted lg

226004 Corydoras concolor lg

226554 Corydoras cortesi wild lg

226574 Corydoras crimmeni lg

226603 Corydoras crypticus lg

227304 Corydoras davidsandsi lg-xlg

227495 Corydoras delphax lg-xlg

227564 Corydoras diphyes lg-xlg

227603 Corydoras duplicareus lg

229004 Corydoras elegans md-lg

229005 Corydoras elegans lg

229534 Corydoras ephippifer xlg

231505 Corydoras haraldschultzi wild xlg

232004 Corydoras hastatus REAL lg

232005 Corydoras hastatus REAL lg-xlg

232503 Corydoras julii md

232505 Corydoras julii lg

232513 Corydoras julii bred md

232802 Corydoras kanei md

233404 Corydoras leopardus lg

233405 Corydoras leopardus xlg

233502 Corydoras leucomelas sm-md

233552 Corydoras longipinnis md

233604 Corydoras loretoensis md-lg

233703 Corydoras loxozonus md-lg

233705 Corydoras loxozonus lg-xlg

233753 Corydoras cf.loxozonus C 83 md-lg

234613 Coryd. sp. MANU 2 (Maldonado) md-lg

235505 Coryd.melanotaenia goldgreen lg-xlg

236005 Corydoras melini lg

236505 Corydoras metae lg

236506 Corydoras metae xlg

237206 Corydoras narcissus VAR. II xlg-sh

237804 Corydoras oiapoquensis lg

239502 Corydoras paleatus g.br. md

239601 Corydoras paleatus ALBINO g.br sm-md

239652 Coryd.paleatus ALBINO LONGFIN md-lg

239702 Coryd.paleatus LONGFIN eu.br. md

240001 Corydoras panda bred sm

240104 Corydoras panda wild lg

240152 Corydoras panda GOLD g.br. sm-md

240194 Corydoras sp.CW 49 lg

241003 Corydoras polysticus md-lg

241706 Corydoras pulcher xlg-sh

242004 Corydoras punctatus lg-xlg

242503 Corydoras pygmaeus/DWARF md-lg

242504 Corydoras pygmaeus/DWARF lg

242505 Corydoras pygmaeus/DWARF xlg

243005 Corydoras rabauti lg-xlg

243504 Corydoras reticulatus lg

243655 Corydoras reynoldsi LONGNOSE xlg

244005 Corydoras robinae xlg

244106 Corydoras robustus xlg-sh

244303 Corydoras San Juan md-lg

244502 Corydoras schwarzi md

244504 Corydoras schwarzi lg-xlg

245402 Corydoras septentrionalis bred md

245614 Corydoras serratus xlg

246003 Cory.sterbai/REAL RED FIN wild lg

246052 Corydoras sterbai bred md

246312 Corydoras similis violet bred sm

246503 Corydoras simulatus lg

247004 Corydoras sychri lg-xlg


253602 Farlowella acus needle sucker 7-10cm

253603 Farlowella acus needle sucker 10-12cm

253604 Farlowella acus needle sucker 12-15cm

254206 Gasteropelecus maculatus giant silver hatchet xlg-sh

254406 Gasteropelecus sternicla silver hatchet xlg

256202 Hemigrammus caudovittatus md

256303 Hemigramm.caudovittatus ALBINO lg

256433 Hemigrammus filamentosus g.br. Phoenixtetra md-lg

256503 Hemigrammus hyanuary g.br. green tetra/castell md

257203 Hemigrammus rhodostomus g.br. md-lg

257453 Hemigrammus rodwayi/wild form lg

257504 Hemigrammus stictus wild lg

259452 Hyphessobrycon amapaensis g.br md

259803 Hyphess.callistus-minor g.br. Hyphessobrycon eques md-lg

260004 Hyphessobrycon eos gold tetra lg

260103 Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma bleeding heart Peru md-lg

260104 Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma bleeding heart Peru lg

260106 Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma bleeding heart Peru xlg

260313 Hyphess.flammeus DIAMOND diamond red rio tetra md-lg

260322 Hyphessobrycon flammeus GOLD golden red rio tetra md-lg

261303 Hyphess. loretoensis wild md-lg

261464 Hyphess.nigricinctus g.br. PERU-EMPEROR lg-xlg

261632 Hy.pulchr.ORANGE BOLIVIA g.br. md

261704 Hyphessobrycon robertsi wild real Hyphessobrycon bentosi md-lg

261922 Hyphess.serpae BRILLIANT brilliant serpae tetra md

262004 Hyphessobrycon socolofi bleeding heart brazil md-lg

262163 Hyp.sp.RED-BLUE-PERU-TET.g.br. lg

264704 Inpaichthys kerri g.br. king tetra lg-xlg

264722 Inpaich.kerri SUPER BLUE g.br. md

267052 Megalamph.(Hyph.) roseus GOLD gold/yellow phantom tetra md

267102 Megalam.(Hyph.) sweglesi wild red phantom tetra sm-md

267303 Meg.(Hyph.)sweglesi ALBINO g.b md-lg

267753 Metynnis fasciatus wild 6-8cm

267754 Metynnis fasciatus wild 8-10cm

267811 Metynnis hypsauchen g.br. silver dollar 3-4cm

268072 Metynis sp."big spots Peru" 4-5cm

268573 Moenkhausia agnesae (simulata) 3-5cm

268643 Moenkhausia cosmops g.br. lg

269103 Moenkhausia pittieri g.br. diamond tetra md-lg

269302 Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae red eye tetra md

271513 Nannostomus beckfordi bred red pencil lg

271803 Nannostomus eques real pencil lg

272123 Nannostomus marilynae wild md-lg

272256 Nannostomus mortenthaleri lg-xlg

272265 Nannost.rubrocaudatus (PURPLE) purple pencil lg-xlg

272304 Nannostomus trifasciatus lg

272502 Nematobrycon lacortei rainbow emperor md

272503 Nematobrycon lacortei rainbow emperor md-lg

272614 Nematobrycon palmeri g.br. emperor lg-xlg

272642 Nematobrycon palmeri sp.BLACK black emperor md



275513 Paracheirodon innesi wild neon tetra md

275604 Paracheirodon innesi GOLD g.br golden neon tetra xlg

275704 Paracheirodon simulans green neon lg

275754 Paracheirodon sp.DIAMOND g.br. lg-xlg

283113 Prionobrama filigera eu.br. red glass tetra md-lg

283202 Pristella maxilaris pristella md

283212 Pristella maxilaris ALBINO albino pristella md

290503 Semaprochilodus taeniurus 4-6cm


Killi-fish / please note that all bred killis (g.br.) will be delivered by pairs!

303612 Aplocheilus lineatus GOLD bred md

304403 Aphyos.(Fundolp.) amieti g.br. md-lg

304503 Aphyosemion australe g.br. cap lopez killi md-lg

308402 Aphy.(Fund.)gardneri-nigerian. md

310212 Aphy.(Fund) gardneri GOLD g.br md

310213 Aphy.(Fund) gardneri GOLD g.br lg

313703 Aphy.(Fundulop.) scheeli g.br. md-lg

316003 Aphy.(Fundulop.) walkeri g.br. orange fins + tail lg


Betta /fighter-fish

382023 Betta siamorientalis wild lg 387602 Betta rutilans fire fighter md-lg

389003 Betta smaragdina wild pink pearl fighter lg



419043 Guppy JAPAN BLUE LYRETAIL md-lg


African Cichlids

519703 Cyprich.leptosoma MPULUNGU 5-7cm

538002 Julidochromis dickfeldi g.br. 4-5cm

538303 Julidochromis marlieri g.br 5-6cm

538902 Julidochromis regani g.br. 4-5cm

539301 Julidochr.transcriptus eu.br. 3-4cm

542502 Lamprologus brichardi g.br. Princess of Burundi 4-5cm

542511 Lamprologus brichardi ALBINO 3cm

542513 Lampr.brichardi ALBINO g.br. 5-7cm

559902 Pelvicachromis pulcher g.br. kribensis 3-4cm

560003 P.pulcher RED(sacrimontis)wild red kribensis 6-8cm

560202 Pelvicachromis pulcher YELLOW golden kribensis 4-6cm


South American Cichlids

605011 Aeq.(Laetacara) dorsiger g.br. 3-4cm

609512 Aequid. pulcher TRINIDAD g.br. 4-6cm

609521 Aequid.pulcher NEON BLUE g.br. 3-4cm

609522 Aequid.pulcher NEON BLUE g.br. md


Apistogrammas (all german bred Apistogrammas up from lg size will be delivered by pairs!):

614503 Apistogramma agassizi RED TAIL lg

614603 Apisto.agassizi DOUBLE RED lg

614873 Apisto.agassizi FIRE-RED g.br. lg

614913 Apistogramma atahualpa wild md-lg

615503 Apisto.borelli/reitzigi g.br. md-lg

617203 Apistogramma cacatuoides wild md-lg

617213 Ap.cacatuoides COLOMBIA wild md-lg

617313 Apisto.cacatuoides GOLD/ORANGE md-lg

617323 Apist.caca.3-fach ORANGE g.br. md-lg

617503 Apisto.cacatuoides RED TAIL md-lg

617513 Apisto.cacatuoides DOUBLE RED md-lg

619513 Apistogramma gephyra g.br. lg

621483 Apistogramma cf.hongsloi wild md-lg

621502 Apistogramma hongsloi/RED LINE md-lg

621553 Apisto.hongsloi/FARBF.l g.br. lg

622723 Ap.allpahuayo/BLACK CHIN wild md-lg

624503 Apistogramma macmasteri g.br. md-lg

624953 Ap.sp.MIXED SAO GABRIEL wild lg

624984 Apis.sp.MOUTHBREEDER (barlowi) (see homepage) lg

625202 Apistogramma norberti wild md-lg

626213 Apistogramma panduro g.br. md-lg

626243 Apistogramma pantalone wild md-lg

626504 Apistogramma pertensis wild lg-xlg

626712 Apistogrammoides pucallp. wild md

626753 Apistogramma pulchra+ mix wild md-lg

628143 Apistogramma rupununi wild lg-xlg

628813 Apisto.baenschi (INKA I) wild md-lg

628823 Apisto.baenschi (INKA I) g.br. lg

630604 Apisto.viejita FARBFORM II xlg

630713 Apistogramma sp.WILHELMI wild md-lg



632528 Astronotus ocellatus PARA wild 18-22cm

632702 Astronotus ocellatus RED 5-7cm

632903 Astronot.ocellatus MIX COLOUR 5-7cm

633002 Astronotus ocellatus RED-TIGER 5-7cm

633005 Astronotus ocellatus RED-TIGER 10-12cm

633202 Astron.ocell.ALBINO-RED-TIGER 5-7cm

633262 Astron.ocellatus YELLOW-LEMON yellow lemon oscar 4-6cm


655502 Cic.(Hypsophrys) nicaraguensis 4-5cm

668505 Creni.(Dicros.) maculata wild Checkerboard Cichlid lg-xlg

668506 Creni.(Dicros.) maculata wild Checkerboard Cichlid xlg

686013 Papiliochrom.altispinosa bred 4-6cm

686503 Papiliochromis ramirezi g.br. 3-4cm

686504 Papiliochromis ramirezi g.br. 4-5cm

686514 Papiliochromis ramirezi wild md-lg

686712 Pap.rami.SUPER NEON BLUE g.br. 2,5-3cm

686752 P.ram.ELECT.BLUE ORAN.HEAD g.b 3-4cm

689102 Scalare ALBINO RED BACK g.br. md

693422 Scalare BLUE DIAMOND g.br. md

693432 Scalare BLUE-MARBLE g.br. blue marble angelfish md

693952 Scalare KOI ORANGE-HEAD g.br. md

697574 Scalare SUPER-RED DEVIL g.br. lg

698402 Scalare altum g.br. 6-8cm

699005 Scalare dumerili wild xlg

699007 Scalare dumerili wild sh

699306 Scalare leopoldi/REDSPOTS PERU xlg

699312 Scal.leopoldi/RED SPOTS g.br. md

699505 Scalare wild PERUENSIS/ALTUM lg-xlg

699506 Scalare wild PERUENSIS/ALTUM xlg


Symphysodon / wild Discus:

730055 Discus wild ALENQUER MIX 12-15cm

731003 Discus wild BLUE 7-9cm

731004 Discus wild BLUE 8-12cm

731005 Discus wild BLUE 12-15cm

731035 Discus wild BLUE-GREEN COARI 12-15cm

731066 Dis.wild ORIXIMINA SUPER COLOR 14-17cm

731076 Discus wild ORIXIMINA ROYAL 16-18cm

731184 Discus wild BLUE/UATUMA 8-12cm

731305 Dis.wild BLUE/NHAM.-MARACANHA 12-15cm

731315 D.wild COLORF.-BLUE/NHA.-MARAC 12-15cm

731905 Discus wild BROWN/CAMETA 12-15cm

732013 Discus wild BROWN-RED MADEIRA 7-9cm

732605 Discus wild GOLD XINGU 12-15cm

733175 Dis.wild GREEN JURUA/FEW SPOT 12-15cm

735005 Di.wild HECKEL BLUE FACE/NHAM 12-15cm

735015 Discus wild HECKEL CROSS/NHAM. 12-15cm

735025 Discus wild HECKEL BLUE NHAM. 12-15cm

736005 Disc.wild ROYAL BLUE 12-15cm

737104 Discus wild FEW RED SPOT TEF 8-12cm

737105 Discus wild FEW RED SPOT TEF 12-15cm

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#2 Spiesie

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  • Location: Tuart Hill

Posted 06 August 2015 - 03:42 PM

Thanks for posting here as well. Great list.

#3 Voodoo

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  • Location: Morley

Posted 06 August 2015 - 04:40 PM

wonder how much the striped silver dollars would go for


 Please phone 9276 2266 for pricing

#4 deliriouz

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Posted 07 August 2015 - 02:44 AM

any true  Pterophyllum altum (columbian) on that list?




there is 698402 Scalare altum g.br. 6-8cm on the list above


#5 deliriouz

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Posted 07 August 2015 - 10:09 AM

'Scalare altum' doesnt inspire the same confidence as Pterophyllum scalare vs Pterophyllum altum. Plus not many have managed to breed orinocco altums...might have to bite the bullet and get some at Vebas for $250 a pop.

#6 Bruton77

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Posted 12 August 2015 - 10:11 AM

What would the 605011 Aeq. (Laetacara dorsiger) cost? I Want 5/6.

#7 Spiesie

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  • Location: Tuart Hill

Posted 12 August 2015 - 11:00 AM

What would the 605011 Aeq. (Laetacara dorsiger) cost? I Want 5/6.


 Please phone us (92762266) for pricing as I am prone to missing messages. Best to note the code of the fish & include that with your query.

#8 Morley Aquariums

Morley Aquariums
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Posted 13 August 2015 - 10:48 AM

Hi Bruton, if keen on these call me today asap as the orders are closing (we have been given until late this arvo). 92762266

#9 chocky

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Posted 24 August 2015 - 02:38 PM

i already put my order in ages ago, but just curious as when it will come in? 

#10 Morley Aquariums

Morley Aquariums
  • Forum Member
  • Joined: 26-April 13

Posted 24 August 2015 - 05:28 PM

Usually takes around 4 weeks from order close. Most of this time is quarantine of 2-3 weeks

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