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02 June 2018 - 09:49 AM

Halfmoon Plakat Pair

Uncommon colours

Brother/Sister pair

The female has had a small 'bump' underneath her eye for some time now.

According to 2 well versed LFS, and her behaviour, it should be harmless.

$50 for the pair


4ft tank + accessories

Selling a 120cmL x 50cmW x 42cmH aquarium.
Back and sides painted black. Sits on black foam on top of 16mm MDF sheet.
Comes with 2 heaters, sand, 2 pieces of wood, dual air pump, 2 sponge filters and a 3ft LED beamswork light.
Bottom was drilled for plumbing but has been sealed.

Excellent condition



Dee 5ft LED Light

Brand New in unopened packaging





Blue Planet 4ft LED Light

Excellent condition, purchased on 31/08/17

Barely used, just turned on whenever I wanted to see the fish.

Originally came with 8 x Cool White pods and 2 x Lunar Blue pods.

Purchased an additional 5 x Red pods, 3 x Blue pods and 2 x White pods.

Each pod is 1W so 20W total on this unit unless more pods are added.

Comes with original receipt ($155) + packaging




Hollow Driftwood Piece

About 45cm long with some holes throughout



Interestingly shaped driftwood piece

$25 or $35 for both


Link to one of my ads on gumtree for pictures, check other ads to see pictures of everything else. Most prices on gumtree are different so make sure to quote PCS for the better price.






08 May 2018 - 12:51 AM

Jack Dempseys with electric blue gene PAIR

Male is about 22cm and female around 17cm.
These guys appear as regular jack dempseys but actually carry the electric blue gene.
25% of fry will be electric blue jd's, 25% will be standard jd's and 50% will be carriers of the electric gene.

I paid $300 for the pair from Living Pictures (one of our sponsors).

They have bred twice in my tank already without ideal conditions but none of the fry made it as other fish had eaten them.

$150 to get rid of them 


Thank you



Closing Down Fish Room - Last Few Fish

23 February 2018 - 12:51 PM

Very regretfully having to move on my fish.
Jack Dempseys with electric blue gene PAIR (17-20cm) SOLD
These guys appear as regular jack dempseys but actually carry the electric blue gene.
25% of fry will be electric blue jd's, 25% will be standard jd's and 50% will be carriers of the electric gene.
They have now actually bred twice, I have pics/video of them with fry.

Super Green Texas x3 (4cm) SOLD
Came from the Aquotix interstate order.
$35 for the 3

Red Bay Snook PAIR (9-13cm) SOLD
Nice pair of red bay snooks. Nice clean red/orange without any black spots as some of them have these days.
Have not bred as they are still too young but have had them together since they were 4cm.


Geophagus Tapajos x3 (4-5cm) SOLD

Quality trio of tapajos juvies from the Aquotix interstate order.

$50 the 3
Geophagus Tapajos x5 (15-18cm) SOLD
2 pairs and 1 extra male
Very good quality
Both pairs have successfully laid eggs in the aquarium but no chance as they're in a community tank
Unfortunately they're very long fins have been nipped by other fish but will grow back once kept with better suitable fish
$110/pr and $40 for spare male or $200 for the 5
Acarichthys Heckelii x2 (14cm) SOLD
Beautiful, unsure of sexes.
I have an extra one which has a messed up lip from the polleni, has healed but looks deformed however genetically speaking he is fine.
Can chuck in for free with the 2
$50 for the 2 + free big lips
Vieja Argentea x3 (11cm) SOLD
Not 100% on sexes 
$190 for the 3
Red Severums x4 (6-11cm) SOLD
Not 100% sure on sexes but possibly 1M and 3F?
$230 for the 4
White Edge Saums x2 (8-10cm) SOLD
Uncommon white saum.
1 stunning male and 1 average male or female not too sure.
$50 for both or $40 for the nice male and $15 for the average dude
Gold Saum (15cm) SOLD
Stunning, high quality male
Xanthic Jaguar x1 (15cm) GIVEN AWAY
Almost completely blind but can definitely hold her own.

Paratilapia Polleni Male (16cm)
Stunning male, there was a female but she was brutally murdered by the female jack dempsey overnight.
$50 for the male

Haplochromis Sp. 44 (8cm) SOLD
Just the 1 male. Who knows if it's a 100% true sp. 44 but as with most victorians, you can never be sure.
Sold to me as an sp. 44 from one of the sponsors
Beautiful display fish either way.
Champsochromis Spilorhynchus x1 (9cm) SOLD
1 male starting to colour up.


Gold Ocellatus german bred x4 (3-6cm) SOLD
1 big dominant male, 1 sub dom male and 2 females.
Stunning fish, mature and ready to breed, have possibly bred in my tank but not 100% sure.
$120 for the 4
Albino Cyrtocara Moorii x5 (4-7cm) SOLD
Cool little fish.
$80 for the 5
Cyrtocara Moorii x2 (4cm) SOLD
Nice dark blue
$20 for the 2 or $90 with the albinos
Saratoga Leichardti x1 (11cm) SOLD
Not sure on gender but eats everything, flakes, pellets, peas, etc.
Boesemani Rainbowfish x10 (4-7cm) SOLD
Boys colouring up very nicely
I think 6M and 2F not too sure as they are quite fast
$85 for the 8
Lacustris Rainbowfish x8 (7cm) SOLD
Also colouring up very nicely
$50 for the 8 OR
$120 for all rainbows
Corydoras Venezuelanus x5 (4-5cm) SOLD
Not sure on genders
$60 for the 5
Peppermint Bristlenose (7cm) SOLD
I think it may be a female but not 100% sure as she's quite elusive.
Pretty sure it's a female as I noticed only 2 bristles on her nose and she's reached that size where a male should display more.
$25 if female, $15 if male


Red Lizard Whiptails x3 (7-8cm)SOLD
2M 1F 
Full grown and ready to breed
$130 for the 3 
L387 Pleco x4 (5cm)SOLD
Not sure on genders
$180 for the 4
L104 Pleco x4 (4-5cm) SOLD
Not sure on genders
$140 for the 4
Corydoras Sterbai x6 (4cm) SOLD
Not sure on genders
$35 for the 6
Corydoras Black Venezuela x1 (6cm) SOLD
Not sure on gender but can try and check when I catch it
Corydoras Albino Longfin x5 (4cm) SOLD
Not sure on genders
$30 for the 5
Bristlenose PAIR (7-13cm) SOLD
Male is massive at 13cm
Rosy Barbs x12 or 13 (3cm) SOLD
One sponsor sells them as 'Metallic Glowlight' but these are what they look like when pond grown apparently.
8 or 9 males and rest female.
$25 for the lot

Dwarf Spotted Silver Dollars x5 (4-5cm) SOLD
Small colony of small spotted metynnis.
$40 for the 5


Sparkling Gouramis x8 (2cm) SOLD
Interesting uncommon little fish.
$35 for the 8
Apistogramma Agassizii Fire Gold (4cm) SOLD
2 or 3 males. Nice long fins
$15 ea
Apistogramma Cacatuoides Orange (3cm) SOLD
1 female


Blue Mustard Gas Halfmoon PAIR SOLD
Very nice bright blue and yellow.
Not the crappy looking ones


White Halfmoon Double Tail Plakat PAIR SOLD
Good form
Brownish/Black Gold Rosetail Halfmoon Male SOLD
Really nice uncommon colour
Black Dragon Halfmoon male SOLD
Apologies but uploading pictures to the forum is a hassle.