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Breaking Bad And Now Sons

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#1 bigjohnnofish

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Posted 06 July 2017 - 01:51 AM

after watching 5 seasons of breaking bad - all i wanted to do was get a winnebago motorhome and deck it out into a lab and cook meth.....


glad that idea faded out then i started watching sons of anarchy.......now in the 7th and last season all i want to do is get a harley , bash people , shoot people , deal guns . open up a brothel , corrupt the local coppers , and even wake up at night and look outside in case someones sneaking up on me.... 


so the other day when i woke up , i checked the coast was clear then rode harley to the brothel but then i pulled into the gun shop on the way and got off the bike and bashed a couple local druggies hanging round the entrance then went inside to negotiate a gun swap when a couple gang members drove past showering the shop in bullets. i ducked down then grabbed a couple guns and ran out the door , jumped on harley and chased these guys down the street at high speed... i caught up to them and let em have the whole magazine from the kg-9 i grabbed and shot both dead.... heard the coppers coming so i left for the brothel.  as i pulled up outside brothel the coppers were there , they asked where have i been in the last half hour... reached into rear carry bag on bike and grabbed a wad of cash and lobbed it to the coppers and said just been to the school and dropped my kids off... "ok"  "no problem we better go look for a shooter" .  go into the brothel and the madam asked me how was my day... ahhh not much just a typical day in charming :) 



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