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Natives - Tarpon, Archerfish, Hyrtlii, Rendahli, Ater Etc

27 April 2019 - 04:51 PM

Thinking about doing a group buy in the future for some native fish as shipping + quarantine is extortionate and I figured there may be space in the esky.
Currently I know that the following are available:
Megalops cyprinoides - Tarpon / Oxeye Herring
Neosilurus ater - Black Catfish
Neosilurus hyrtlii - Golden catfish
Toxotes chatareus - Archerfish
Neoarius graffei - Blue catfish
Might be some other interesting natives available which I can ask about if interested.
Sizes ranging from small-large depending on the fish but mostly around 15cm.

If youre potentially interested please pm me, would be a good way to get some natives in and save money doing so.

Sooty Grunter 25Cm

19 August 2018 - 01:21 PM

Located Butler
Selling my new 25cm Sooty Grunter as unfortunately he isnt working out in my tank
Lovely fish with a fairly laid back personality for a Sooty Grunter, however like any grunters can have aggressive moments
Unfortunately I’m having to sell him as my smaller Coal Grunter and himself are smashing eachother to bits and I’m not getting rid of the Coal
Unfortunately he’s a bit scratched up atm hence the low price
Would make a great fish for either a solo native tank or a tank with a high stock level
Not for sale to anyone with a tank smaller than 5x2x2

N. Ater

06 July 2018 - 10:24 PM

Anyone selling or wanting to get rid of their N.Ater-s? Even let me know if you’ve got one so I can know who has got Neos.. preferrably after a smaller one, this years batch or whatever. 20-25cm or so
Just lost my one [emoji24]
Obviously means I cant get another just yet as I have to clear up whatever this is but just putting it out there..

Group Buy - Aquaticfish.com.au

03 July 2018 - 12:53 PM

Heya guys
Thinking about doing a group buy from the website Aquaticfish.com.au

They have a fair amount of fish, some uncommon
Such as Snakehead Gudgeons, Eels and Freshwater Blackfish, Salivini, various American & African cichlids, Discus etc

If anyone is interested take a look through the website and PM me and we can discuss.

Joining in will give you a chance to get these guys with reduced quarantine + shipping price, will be shared out 
Will likely come to a lower price than you'd usually get in Perth, depending on people wanting to join in.

Have a look through if you're after anything and pm me to discuss 1f642.png:)

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Snakehead Gudgeon Fungus

03 July 2018 - 10:59 AM

Hey guys,
I recently got a Snakehead Gudgeon (2 days ago)
This morning I’ve discovered that it has developed a fungus across its body. Yesterday it seemed fine, wasnt eating but was interested
Its now in a 1ft quarantine tank - Bit late but hoping nothing will spread to the other fish, and that way I can treat it easier.
Currently I’m not 100% sure how to treat.. I’ve dosed the 1ft with Furan-2 but unsure if I should use anything else or different?
Help appreciated [emoji53]