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#366359 August 7Th Meeting - Auction Night & A.g.m.

Posted by thecheif on 29 July 2018 - 04:37 PM

thanks mate appreciated should bring in some more money for the sgf

#366356 August 7Th Meeting - Auction Night & A.g.m.

Posted by thecheif on 29 July 2018 - 01:06 AM

ive donated a heap of fish for the stuart grant fund why are they not showing on tbe list ?????

#366355 Additional Committee Members Needed

Posted by thecheif on 29 July 2018 - 01:01 AM

i think xou know where and how to find me maybe i can help somehow

#366085 Fs Tropheus Available Now

Posted by thecheif on 17 June 2018 - 09:32 PM

-Tropheus sp Murago Tanzania F1 $50 10for$450 JUVENILE
-Tropheus moori Mpulungu F1 $30 10for$250 JUVENILE
-Tropheus sp Red Moliro F1 $30 10for$250 JUVENILE
-Tropheus Moori Chikonde F1 $35 10for$300 JUVENILE
-Tropheus Moori Yellow Nkonde F1 $35 10for$300 JUVENILE
-Tropheus sp Black Bulu Point $30 10for$250 JUVENILE
-Tropheus Lunatus Mkuyu $35 10for$250 JUVENILE
-Tropheus sp Black Mboko $30 10for$250 JUVENILE
-Tropheus sp Duboisi F1 $35 10for $230 JUVENILE
-Tropheus moori Mamalesa F1 $30 10for$180 JUVENILE
-Tropheus moori Golden Kazumba F1 $30 10for250 SUBADULT
-Tropheus sp Red Chipimbi $30 10for$200 ADULTS
-Lamprychthys Tanganicanus 1 male 3 females $80

#365200 Artificial Tanganykan Rocks Back In Stock

Posted by thecheif on 01 March 2018 - 12:58 PM

Haha you know me 2 well

#365191 Artificial Tanganykan Rocks Back In Stock

Posted by thecheif on 28 February 2018 - 10:30 PM

Get in quick folks was there today theve ljust arrived I bought heaps all you guys that have asked whered I get My rocks from Aquotix have them right now be quick or you'll miss out

#364491 Fs F1Tropheus

Posted by thecheif on 29 December 2017 - 12:23 AM

Location Perth

Tropheus bulombora 4-5 cm 20ea

F1 Tropheus sp Marmalesa Island
3-5 cm $20ea

F1 Tropheus sp Lunatus Mkuyu
4-7cm $20ea

Tropheus sp Red Chipimbi 7-9cm 20ea

Tropheus sp Black Mboko $25

Shipping Available Minimum quantity 10 or more for Fry

To veiw YouTube channel Tropheus Anonymous

#363762 Fs Tropheus Colony's Sold

Posted by thecheif on 19 October 2017 - 04:40 PM

Yes bad choice of words what ever I have left at least 2 but could be more I know there's definately a male and female there yours free well organise to catch up in the next week or so

#363754 Fs Tropheus Colony's Sold

Posted by thecheif on 18 October 2017 - 11:59 PM

Thanks Mate I appreciate your comments these are no different and Aquotix is my home there helping me endlessly to accomplish what is next and it will be great for all I still to this day have 2 prize canary cheeks floating around if you want one or both PM me the male is a cracker

#363752 Fs Tropheus Colony's Sold

Posted by thecheif on 18 October 2017 - 10:58 PM

Tropheus Golden Kazumba sold
Tropheus Kasakalwi sold
Tropheus Leuba sold
I will not split any colony's

#362775 Fs Tropheus Varieties Reduced Pricing Available Now

Posted by thecheif on 30 July 2017 - 12:04 PM

Tropheus Brichardi Canary Cheek 7cm $30each

Tropheus sp. Red "Moliro" 10cm $37.50each

All fish below on YouTube channel
Tropheus Anonymous

Tropheus sp. Red "Chipimbi" 7cm $30each

Tropheus Moori Kasakalawe *German parents 4cm $30each

Tropheus sp. Black "Bulu Point" f2 7cm $30each

Tropheus sp. Black "Kiriza" *German parents 4cm $30each

Tropheus sp. Crescentic Mkuyu F1 *ONLY ONES AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA
Extremely Rare 10 for $800

Tropheus sp Marmalesa F1 very rare
4cm 10 for $700

Tropheus sp F1 mpimbwe red cheek Katondo 10 for $600

Shipping at buyers expence

#362668 Fs Eretmodus Blue Spot And Multis

Posted by thecheif on 22 July 2017 - 12:02 PM

No they won't vent but if all 3 have been together and both sexes are in the 3 a bond should have started to form with 2 which will be blantenley obvious

#362594 Fotm - Tropheus Moorii "kasakalawe"

Posted by thecheif on 17 July 2017 - 10:44 PM

"The fry are large enough to take brine shrimp nauplii, microworm"

these are things here should never be fed to Tropheus sorry it must be a very big typo

#360715 German Imports

Posted by thecheif on 27 March 2017 - 12:06 AM

There are a number of people here that may be more privy to internal info than others...
...there are also speculations and no doubt a bit of interpretation issues abounding with this scenario too - best that it be left for the two parties to nut out - I feel personally that the initial FB post was a bit of a knee jerk reaction and may not have been the best course of action - a more clear line of commerce should have been followed or an agreement written down in (possibly) an email so that both parties know the processes prior to fish being exported.
This is not the first time this sort of issue has occurred in this industry - but it is the first time it has been shared so openly with the public.
Let it rest and view from the outside to see how it ends - what matters to us here most, is that we are still able to access these types of fish again in the future..... I for one, being an importer, am looking into the feasibility of further German imports from our previous exporters.

Its so nice to see that once in a while someone actually can see the grass from the trees
thankyou Mr_docfish
regards thecheif

#360619 German Imports

Posted by thecheif on 23 March 2017 - 12:28 AM

I think too much has been made of this topic.
The parties involved are the only ones that know what has occurred, and it doesn't belong in public opinion.
Simply stating something as a fact doesn't make it a fact. Either you are the owner of the LFS, or you are simply a customer. If you aren't the owner, then you are a customer that may have been told things about what occurred. This doesn't make those things told to be truthful (or lies). It is just what you were told.
So again, stating something as fact based on something you were told, doesn't make it the truth (or a lie).
Perhaps the Department of Agriculture ARE involved (I hope they are). They SHOULD be able to clarify the species brought in, especially with the changes made to our importations!
If there were species shipped that were not on the schedule, the question should be put to them as to why they were even allowed into the country after all their rigorous inspections etc.
I just think it's a great shame that this whole thing was brought into social media...
Anything that is discussed here or FB is pure speculation
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To be honest tropheus you have now stated that what I have chosen to share is lies I have been impartial thru this whole process if you actually read what I have written for the purpose of the thread I have l left information out because of not wanting to expand and inflame the situation at best something you should probably had taken note to do .


Don't ever call me a liar unless you know as fact what has happened and witnessed it to comment on the truth when you have done is make a great of assumptions and  don't have a clue or idea what is going on or what has happened.


Do you fully understand the Nature of what has happened do you fully understand that your comments are baseless and useless do you .The information I chose to share is fact it's not a he said she said why would you suggest dept of agg should be involved in your opinion which I asked everyone one back off and let it sort it's self out but no you had to keep going with your destructive comments

In case your not aware these forums are a great source of info for all dept of regulation.
So the real issue here with the department of ag is they had all ready cleared the shipment for release as the species Tropheus is on the schedule the variant was not what was shipped but the two variants look almost the same.

I also had over 15k involved in this trying to get some new variants in for all to enjoy so Tropheus with a name like that I thought you would be someone who would understand when a fellow breeder keeper asked In a nice fashion to just let it be and your thoughts opinions to yourself and not fuel this situation anymore would try to help the cause obviously not .

I would just like to thank you for not helping anyone in this situation other than you self to satisfy your own selfish need to put your opinions forward with no correct information what so ever.


to all the other members I thankyou for your understanding in this matter.