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Ryans 6 X 1 X 2

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#1 aussiemcgee

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  • Location: Willetton

Posted 11 September 2013 - 11:20 AM

Hi all,

Loving the renewed interest in marines - this section went quiet for a while there so I am keen to contribute some more to keep it flowing.


Have had marines for the past 4 + years which was running sweet, I recently had to renovate my system after a return pump upgrade led to a copper contamination from the impellor - I tried everything to fix it but just could not get on top of the problem. So finally decided on a full restart.

I replaced everything except the skimmer (for now) and unfortunately after I cracked the tank fitting the overflow bulkheads, I had to replace the tank also; (even after I had removed the silicone and resealed the whole thing !!)


Strike up date   - june 1st 2013 using Ningaloo dry base rock

                           - first stage cycle 4 weeks, 50% water change and addition of half a dozen pieces of live rock to each bommy

                           - second stage cycle until 4 weeks, 50% water change and corals, cuc and fish added

                           - third stage cycle 2 weeks, fuge light and macro added

tank - 6x14x20

stand - custom 4 door

hood - standard but modified inbuilt LEDs

Sump - custom aquaotix built 850x330x400. 3 chamber (overflow, skimmer, heater --> refugium with shallow sand bed --> return, auto top off, dosing (eventually)

overflow - internal corner weir


Water - Natural salt water

topoff - lab grade DI water

lighting - vertex illumilux

skimmer - macro aqua (with modified larger air inlet)

flow - 2 x sharkman greatwhite pumps 8000lph each (new to market tunze knock offs)

refugium - naqua fuge flare LED

return - ehiem 4000lph

top off - guppies 2 float


2 x ocellaris clowns

med hammer

2 x small morph colonies

Now for the pics!!!

Attached File  20130519_101508.jpg   243.14KB   5 downloads Tank paint

Attached File  Photo1205.jpg   386.38KB   3 downloads Cabinet reno

Attached File  20130601_172023.jpg   89.76KB   3 downloads DIY weir

Attached File  20130601_120453.jpg   294.78KB   3 downloads Base rock

Attached File  20130602_090152.jpg   90.39KB   3 downloads Overflow

Attached File  20130702_143229.jpg   53.36KB   3 downloads Sump

Attached File  20130702_142151.jpg   155.58KB   3 downloads Overflow pipes cladded

Attached File  20130702_142142.jpg   69.4KB   3 downloads FTS

Attached File  20130908_161346.jpg   169.49KB   3 downloads Fuge light



#2 Stuey

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  • Location: Palmyra

Posted 11 September 2013 - 11:36 AM

Looks great, any pics of it filled and stocked with the clowns?

#3 aussiemcgee

  • Forum Member
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  • Location: Willetton

Posted 13 September 2013 - 10:12 AM

Attached File  20130911_182141.jpg   101.98KB   1 downloadsFTS,

Attached File  20130911_182218.jpg   69.5KB   1 downloadsclowns,

Attached File  20130911_185437.jpg   313.76KB   1 downloads hammer

Attached File  20130911_185401.jpg   82.21KB   1 downloads and macro in


#4 Jules

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  • Location: Baldivis

Posted 18 September 2013 - 09:58 AM

is that a feather duster rock I see??

beautiful little worms they are!

interestingly I have noticed all of them are always found on rocks with monitopora growing on them, and read they actually take a nutrient from the monti to really thrive.


could maybe make your sand in the sump a little deeper (to run a DSB perhaps) and add some sand sifting starfish and snails etc to move between the different aerobic and anaerobic zones of the sand bed to keep bacteria really thriving.

Edited by Jules, 18 September 2013 - 10:00 AM.

#5 aussiemcgee

  • Forum Member
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  • Location: Willetton

Posted 18 September 2013 - 12:38 PM

Yeah there is a couple of little worms on the rock only one decent one tho, seem to be getting bigger and more active - they don't flinch as much when you walk past the tank !


Had always designed the sump to have a dsb but decided against it at the last minute - figured I could always add a remote dsb tub in the future if I wanted. Added a bunch of snails in the sump the other day and they seem happy enough to cruise around the sand and macro.

#6 aussiemcgee

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  • Joined: 06-August 09
  • Location: Willetton

Posted 02 November 2014 - 12:44 PM

G'day all,


Been a while since I have updated my journal and thought I would share a trials, tribulations and most importantly... a few pics.


Things, by and large, have been ticking along nicely for the tank, livestock and maintenance schedule - was doing 50% fortnightly water changes using nsw, no dosing, no testing, just lots of good regular water flushing through the system. Fish are fat and corals and coralline algae are crankin.


Mid way through this year was a bit tough as I have been away with work a fair bit, which led to a drop in maintenance and the missus and eldest kid not being quite so vigilant led to a couple of fish deaths and then the algae set in !!!

I brought the algae under control by a couple of massive ~80% water changes which were separated by a few days of lights out, super skimming and a refugium cut back and clean up. Once the lights were back on, I started doing 50% water changes every week.


The next problem was that I wasn't able to collect water though my usual work avenues anymore, so now instead of collecting from offshore, I go to a remote boat ramp and collect myself. Still not the happiest about the situation but better than nothing I spose.


Water collection;

Attached File  20140905_135355.jpg   271.28KB   4 downloads


Full tank shot;

Attached File  2014-10-09 12.22.03.jpg   187.33KB   4 downloads


right hand side (inc wier)

Attached File  2014-10-12 14.20.32.jpg   252.77KB   3 downloads




Attached File  2014-10-09 12.43.51.jpg   291.44KB   3 downloads

Attached File  2014-10-12 14.42.49.jpg   249.54KB   3 downloads


left hand side

Attached File  2014-10-12 14.21.30.jpg   282.28KB   3 downloads


Attached File  2014-10-12 14.21.01.jpg   237.68KB   3 downloads


Attached File  2014-10-12 14.21.21.jpg   252.68KB   3 downloads


Have a heap more fish, but they all seem to be hiding in these quick pics I took - have a small school of 4 chromis, lime and banana wrasse, lemon damsel, coral gobies, a huge shrimp and an awesome oblique dottyback. Will try grab a few more pics when I am back in town


Next items on the wish list is a new skimmer - the old one works well but just isn't pulling the crap out that I need it to... and then a few more fish and corals, Christmas and a birthday is only round the corner!!!!

#7 Riggers

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Posted 02 November 2014 - 08:23 PM

Nice one bro! It didn't take long for the base rock to build up some nice coralline :)

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