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Fs Multiple.tropheus Species

09 January 2019 - 08:11 PM

F1 Tropheus Brichardi Ulwile. 3-5cm $30 F1 Tropheus Moorii Chikonde fry available $40 3cm
F1 Tropheus Moorii Nkonde fry available not sure on size 3-5cm $30
F1 Tropheus Moorii Mpulungu 3-7cm $25
F1 Tropheus Moorii Muzi about 5 weeks
3-5cm $30
F1 Tropheus Moorii Murago Tanzanian about 4 weeks 3-5cm $45
F1 Tropheus sp. Maculatus Lusingu - yellow 3-5cm $40
F1 Tropheus sp Red Moliro. 3-5cm $12
F1 Tropheus sp Red Katete 3-5cm $30
F1 Tropheus sp Black Leuba 3-5cm $30

shipping available ant buyers expense minimum order 15 fish
most parents can be veiwed at YT channel tropheus anonymous

Fs Tropheus Available Now

17 June 2018 - 09:32 PM

-Tropheus sp Murago Tanzania F1 $50 10for$450 JUVENILE
-Tropheus moori Mpulungu F1 $30 10for$250 JUVENILE
-Tropheus sp Red Moliro F1 $30 10for$250 JUVENILE
-Tropheus Moori Chikonde F1 $35 10for$300 JUVENILE
-Tropheus Moori Yellow Nkonde F1 $35 10for$300 JUVENILE
-Tropheus sp Black Bulu Point $30 10for$250 JUVENILE
-Tropheus Lunatus Mkuyu $35 10for$250 JUVENILE
-Tropheus sp Black Mboko $30 10for$250 JUVENILE
-Tropheus sp Duboisi F1 $35 10for $230 JUVENILE
-Tropheus moori Mamalesa F1 $30 10for$180 JUVENILE
-Tropheus moori Golden Kazumba F1 $30 10for250 SUBADULT
-Tropheus sp Red Chipimbi $30 10for$200 ADULTS
-Lamprychthys Tanganicanus 1 male 3 females $80

Artificial Tanganykan Rocks Back In Stock

28 February 2018 - 10:30 PM

Get in quick folks was there today theve ljust arrived I bought heaps all you guys that have asked whered I get My rocks from Aquotix have them right now be quick or you'll miss out

Fs Wc & F1Tropheus

14 January 2018 - 09:37 PM

Located Perth

Tropheus brichardi bulombora sold

WC Tropheus so moorii marmelesa sold

Shipping available but not preferred

Can veiw on YouTube channel tropheus anonymous