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Fs: Juwel Rio 240, Eheim Gear, Fish Food, Yingshi Stone, Fluval Ebi.

13 April 2015 - 06:25 PM

Hey all - now I've sold my Cichlids, looking to unload the rest of my gear before I'm off to Victoria this Saturday :o
All items are sold as complete lots, not going to seperate or part out anything - if you'd like to purchase a few lots I can knock a few $$$ off.
No postage at this point, everything is available for pickup at Parkwood 6147 (SOR)
Lot #1:
All items in great condition 
Juwel Rio 240 (Purchased from Vebas in June last year) Back of tank is painted black
2 spare tubes + reflectors
Eheim 2075 (Purchased from Vebas in June last year)
Tunze 6095 circulation pump + Controller
$900 ono (fish, rock and sand not included)
wAw5HuNl.jpg uy4DUFjl.jpg OrWPBlDl.jpg
Lot #2:
All items in good condition
Fluval Ebi 30cm cube (back painted black) + original accessories
Up Aqua Z 30cm LED light + aqua one 50w heater
Aqua Clear 20 filter + media
$160 ono
Lot #3:
Various high quality fish foods
All are either sealed or 90% full
$150 ono
Lot #4:
Yingshi/Seriyu stone
19 individual pieces, weighed at ~50kgs (cost over $300 to purchase)
Got a bit of algae on some as it was in my tank up to last week, just needs a clean.
$150 firm.
#Lot 5
Both items are brand new.
Eheim Quick Vac & Reeflex UV 500 unit
$200 firm

Fs: Male Peacock/haps

04 April 2015 - 01:41 PM

Hey all - I'm moving to Victoria in a few weeks, so regretfully I have to unload my male peacock/hap display tank. 


Stock list - ALL Male, purchased from a breeder in Perth (Linda) and Vebas.


Fish are 8cm - 15cm and have been fed on a diet of NLS and New Era.


Aulonocara Maulana "Bi-Color 500"

Aulonocara stuartgranti (Ngara) "Flametail Peacock"

Aulonocara baenschi "Benga Peacock"

Sciaenochromis fryeri "White Knight Electric Blue"

Otopharynx lithobates "Sulphur Crested Lithobate"

Aulonocara Sp. "OB Peacock"

Aulonocara sp. "Albino Dragon's Blood"

Aulonocara jacobfreibergi "Eureka Red" (this guy is a little bit small)

Sciaenochromis fryeri "Electric Blue"

Protomelas spilonatus "Sulphurhead Hap"


I want to sell them as a lot, not individually - so please no offers on individual fish.


Offers over $150 will be considered, no shipping, location Parkwood SOR.


Please PM me, more pics available on request.



N9UvRLXm.jpg sG4DlXmm.jpg



Wtb: Male Peacocks/haps

24 August 2014 - 07:02 PM

Hey all,
Looking to pick up some more male peacocks/haps for my tank.
I'm looking for peacocks/haps around the 8-10cm size, please PM me with any offers/info.
These ones in particular would be nice :)
Aulonocara maulana "Bi-colour 500" Found
Aulonocara kandeense "Blue Orchid"
Aulonocara sp. "Lawanda"
Auloncara sp. "OB Peacock" (Specifically looking for an orange/yellow one)
Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan" Albino (I know this one is a long shot haha)
Otopharynx sp."spots" Sani


Protomelas taeniolatus "Red Empress"


Colour Changes In My Haps/peacocks

24 August 2014 - 12:45 PM

Hey guys,
A bit confused over the colouration of 2 of my peacocks/haps at the moment. Basically I bought a Copadichromis borleyi (Red Fin Kadango) and Protomelas taeniolatus (Red Empress) from a LFS believing they were both male, by my judgement based on the colouration they were showing at the time (about a month ago). Both fish were being kept in tanks of their own species at the store.
Over the last month I've noticed that they've both undergone some colour changes... the fins on the Copadichromis borleyi turning from the white blaze and grey to solid orange, and the Protomelas taeniolatus bascially colouring down to nothing.
Both fish are roughly ~8-10cm long and are housed with 6 other same or smaller male peacocks/haps, which haven't changed colour. I cant see any signs of major aggression between any of the fish currently (which I know can cause peacocks/haps to lose colour).
All pictures were taken under the same light with an iPhone 5. All fish are fed exclusively new life spectrum cichlid formula and thera a, with some spirulina flakes.


So what do you guys think about this?
Pics of the Copadichromis borleyi 4 weeks ago
nC9wM0tl.png 5iU1c0Rl.jpg
Pics taken this morning
MF4r1eql.jpg bi9JU4wl.jpg
Pics of the Protomelas taeniolatus 4 weeks ago
Pics taken this morning
SUmV9QTl.jpg lJ52tEHl.png

The Fish Cannon

13 August 2014 - 06:47 PM

Saw this on Reefbuilders the other day, thought I'd share :)


One company is using fish cannons to safely get migrating fish through man-made obstacles. Salmon are curious creatures going from the saltwater ocean to travel hundreds of miles up freshwater rivers and streams to return to where they were born to spawn. Along the way, the salmon navigate through some serious obstacles with head-scratching amazement, but occasionally run into dams and other obstacles they can’t get around or over and that is where the Whooshh Innovations fish cannon can help.