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Why do I need to Quarantine new fish? (Quick Guide)

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Posted 07 July 2007 - 09:27 AM

Why do I need to Quarantine new fish?
by Daniel Radaich

Have you ever gone brought home a new fish from a friend or fish shop, just to see a few days later your entire tank covering in Ich (White Spot) or one of several other available ailments? I have, and I know several others which this is happened to.

How can I stop preventable disease outbreaks?

You can easily manage any possible disease outbreaks by quarantining any new fish you bring home. A three week period is usually enough to discover most diseases.

What is required to set up my very own Quarantine tank?

This really is determined by what fish you have brought home. Especially with cichlids I would suggest a 20-30 litre tank, a filter, and a heater. There is nothing worse than seeing your new fish on the floor dead, so please cover the tank.

How should I treat the tank and my new fish?

It is important to expose any diseases your new fish may be bringing with it.

I usually elevate the temperate by several degrees, this is largely regulated by the species of fish you are keeping and their tolerance to the elevated temperature. I elevate the temperature to about 28 degrees for most cichlids.

I also suggested seeding this tank with a filter which has a bacteria colony. Diseased / healthy fish do not tolerate elevated ammonia levels well at all, couple this with the size of the tank and you could have a possible disaster on your hands.

Should I keep some medications handy?

Yes, if ever your newly introduced fish develops a visible disease it is vital to have a few essential items on hand. I would suggest keeping salt and methyl blue handy as basic remedies.


You may also use this tank for a hospital tank for sick or injured individuals. You don't want to be treating thirty fish when only one is injured. After the target fish is removed I recommend using Sanisol to disinfect the tank and kill of any bacteria that remains.

If ever in doubt about the ailment of your fish, please contact your local fish store or make a post on the forums. By treating the fish with the wrong treatment you can make it worse.

Originally formulated and printed for the July 2007 PCS Newsletter

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