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Fs: Complete Fish Room

Fish Room Cichlids

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#1 kinga

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  • Location: Mandurah

Posted 09 April 2014 - 09:45 AM

Complete fish room.


Ill List the lot, and the gear you get for the price I have it on for is well under what it’s worth. im not selling this system to make money or even get back what i have invested into it over the years. just want it to go to good use.


Rather than let the equipment go to waste, I’d rather it go to another enthusiast and im not really interested is splitting it up, unless you and a few mates wanted to split it up betweens you.



Fish Tanks.

All on wooden racks.

Fist rack- 2 levels, 4 x 4ft tanks

Second rack – 2 levels, 1 x 6ft x 1.5 x 2h, bottom level 3 x 100l 2f tanks

Third rack – 2 levels, 1 x 6f x 2 x 2. Second level a shelf for all gear. Bottom floor has a 3ft sump.

Have a little tank which I use to breed bristle nose catties both common and long fins.

All tanks drilled and plumbed to the sump in racks.

Each rack feeds the tanks below and has its own pump so racks can be turned on and off as you like or for maintenance without effecting the rest of the system.


The sump is 3.5x1x1f segmented with a fish trap, course, fine and carbon filters, Bio balls, k1 and the pumps.

Works extremely effectively and easy for maintenance.

All tanks have lids, air strips, 1 has 3d backing, heaters, sand substrate, drift wood, fake plants, limestone rocks, and heaps of other stuff. chemicals, food (NLS .5mm to 4mm) included plus quality flakes. this is a total running system no need to buy anything else.

I have a heap of ornaments but they are for sale separately.

Total water volume is 2000lt +


Fish included are

Colony Rubecens peacocks x 10 – 3male, 7f around 7cm.

Colony Ruby red peacocks x 6 – 1m, 5f – 8-9cm.

Colony Flametail Peacocks x 10 – 3m, 7f around 7-8cm.

Colony Benga Peacocks x 13 – 2m,11f between 12-7cm.

Colony Electric yellows x 7 – 1m, 6f – 9-11cm high quality dark yellow, not the average white ones getting around Perth.

Colony Sulphur Crest lithobates x 5 -1m, 4f 9-11cm awesome looking male.

Colony Young Electric blues x 12 – 3m 8f? ratios to be confirmed – haven’t bred yet.


Colony Common Bristle nose catfish 1m, 2f constant breeders

Pair Long fin Albino long fin Catfish. 1m, 1F Great breeders.


a 4ft tank full of fry electic yellow and bengas included.

all colonys other than the electric blues have females with gob fulls.


All tanks would have 10+juvie bristle nose catties cleaning the tanks, eating the excess food and breaking down the poop.


Bargain for $1500 firm!

I’ll throw in a box of pvc elbow fitting and pipe to get you up and running when you relocate.


ill give any advise what as and hasnt worked for me if you a bit of a novice at breeding it really isnt that hard if you have teh right setup like this to sell and make money.


call/text dave 0409 253 589 and no time wasters or tank kickers. genuine intrest only.

if you low ball me dont expect a reply as this price is firm!



#2 tywonreef

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Posted 04 May 2014 - 12:54 AM

are you willing to sell anything seperatly ?


thanks troy

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