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Leichardti’S 6X2X2 Bedside Display

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#41 Leichardti

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Posted 04 June 2018 - 10:27 PM

@Chris noo not dumb at all, actually a good question. Currently my lighting and Co2 system aren’t fully up and running so there is no point in putting plants in just yet. At some stage I’m going to be getting some new lights up and running and then I’ll have some deep root feeders like Vallisneria in there plus a buch of others like Bacopa and Limnophila. Just waiting until everything’s up and running properly so that I don’t end up just killing plants becauss it’s not done properly

Chopped up some spare eggcrate yesterday and divided the tank - Coal Grunter and Sooty Grunter on one side and N. Ater and Sleepy Cod in the other. Sooty managed to find his way in at one point so I dumped a bunch of scoria in the way of any gaps and he stayed out. Sooty Gunter sold today so divider’s been taken out n I only have 3 fish - real shame as he was a real cool fish but I didnt want anyone else being attacked or killed.
As you can also see I’ve gotten a bunch of MDF to clad the stand with. 4x 60x90cm sheets for the front and side and 1x 30x180cm for the side cabinet
Finished product will be something like so;
Otherwise, here’s just an update photo:

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#42 Leichardti

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Posted 10 June 2018 - 11:32 AM

Swapped over the lights:
Mums tank now has my metal halide so I have her 2x MarsAqua 165w Black Boxes
These lights have a marine spectrum with a white / red / green channel + blue channel. So currently I’m running the white channel at the dimmest setting during the day and blue during part of the night
Mums 4x2x2 marine with the Metal Halide on - Got both sides working, 2x 20,000kelvin halides
Since these MarsAqua blackboxes are more suitable for marine (and second hand) I’ll be modifying them and cleaning them up a bit.
For starters I’m going to be replacing the LED PCB’s with SBReef’s Retrofit PCB Boards in the freshwater spectrum. These are really good for plants and will turn these MarsAqua’s into good quality plant lights for a prettt low cost.
Once that’s done I’ll be replacing the fans in them - both fans are very loud when running high so need new, silent replacements for them.
Once that’s done I’ll be mounting them to something - Yet to decide if I’ll just be hanging them from the ceiling or if I’ll mount to brackets which attach to the cabinet. Decisions, decisions
Once everything is up and running fully and nicelt I’d love to somehow computerize the lighting system - been looking at controllers such as the StormX. Would be nice to be able to control everything from the left side of the cabinet.
Anyways, thats all for today. Might be cutting the MDF to size this arvo

#43 Leichardti

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Posted 10 June 2018 - 01:03 PM

Just cut all of the MDF to size:
Have just slotted them all into place atm

Attached File  IMG_1935.JPG   139.65KB   4 downloads
Now to just wait for a dry night to paint it all up.. doesnt seem like a common occurance atm
Really liking the way everything’s come together so far, really turning into my dream tank

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#44 KurtFreitag

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Posted Yesterday, 09:16 AM

Looking good.


I'm a little concerned that your side panels hang over the support base id hate to hear that the seal breaks.

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