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Bumblee Bee Grouper

08 February 2019 - 01:34 PM

Quick, on gumtree there are some small bumble groupers for anyone after something different.

Arguably able to live in freshwater long-term, but I believe as they mature they prefer a full marine environment.

Fs 700Mm Complete Cube - Price Drop

12 December 2018 - 08:09 AM

Complete aquarium. Still running for you to inspect
Tank is 700x700x600 tall. Black silicone, 12mm glass. Lids included. Minimal scratches and very solid. No repairs or patched edges.

Solid steel sand painted black (could do with a light freshen up)

Astro canister filter (1200lt/hr) full of quality media. Fully cycled and still running.

ISTA 2ft LED (approx 9 months old from aquotix - grows plants really well as you can see in pics)

300wt aqua one heater with heater guards

Yellow substrate/sand

And a box of all sorts of random fish equipment (gravel vacs, aerators, algae scrapers, sponge filters etc)


Selling due to upgrading.

Will help remove and dismantle

Take the lot for $320 - or part trade with a medium (10-15cm) Flagtail Prochilodus or exotic pleco
Can negotiate delivery if required.
Pics to be uploaded tomorrow - text me if interested 0438 846 657.

Fs - Complete 7X2.5 Setup Sold.

19 November 2018 - 01:53 PM

As mentioned above, I am selling my large monster tank.

Please note it wont be ready until the current stingrays are sold (should be first week of December). Tank is available for inspection and can be seen running, will hold for a buyer provided a deposit is paid. I will help you remove, load and dismantle everything and leave the tank 100% running so all media in the  filters will be undisturbed and cycled etc.


Tank is 7 x 2.5 wide x 2ft tall (2100x750x600). Glass is in good condition, some scractches from my wonderful rays rubbing sand across the window, but with the light aren't too bad..

Tank was built in 2011-2012, I re sealed it in Feb this year, heavy duty lids, foam base, metal edging. think 10mm all around with 12 or 15 base (can check) No cracks or repair jobs like that. Base painted black, rear window is a tinted panel. Not drilled.


Stand, solid steel, custom made and powder coated in a satin black, still looks brand new.


5ft ISTA led with custom made light sands, (lights only 9 months old)


2 aqua one 2700 cannisters, jam packed with decent media all cycled, one of the cannisters is a UV one.


500wt heater with heater guard etc (9 months' old also)


Extra wave maker to push water around.


Will throw in any other fish stuff I have for this set up.


Sad to sell but change of hobby direction.

This tank has housed many of large fish, and is still in relatively good nick, and looks pretty clean and nice. Few PCS members have seen the set up.


Asking $1500. No rush to sell.


May negotiate trade with marine lighting or some sort.

Pics below, more on request, serious buyers can come inspect.

Located in Baldivis.


0438 846 657.

New Adventure.

15 October 2018 - 08:05 AM

So, after years of keeping big rays and fish, and a hard week of decision making, I've decided to sell out! And already have mot things sold.

Going to join the marine / reef club.


Will still be keeping a freshwater planted tank, with my bichirs, hujetas and lima.


Watch this space, will keep a build page here for both the 4x2.5x2 reef tank as well as my 4x2x2 planted tank.


First off, need to get quotes on these 2 tanks to be built, never owned a brand new tank, so I decided this time im going to treat myself to everything brand new in box!!


Sting Ray Pups

06 September 2018 - 10:53 AM

Once again I have some really nice ray pups for sale.

Prices and sex in pictures attached.


Born 5-8-18, eating well on worms, whitebait and prawns. Pellet training as we speak and some on pellets.

37.5% Leo / 37.5% Motoro / 25% Manitlla.


Will change colour and pattern as they grow, some look quite promising. Most have dominant and strong leo genes and have seen in previous pups sold the colours and white spots are strong.

Will do a better pirce ofr 2 or more.


Willing to ship interstate.


Willing to trade for exoitcs or fish of interest (rarer plecs, albino gibbi, clown loachs, gars, bichirs dats, cash either way).




Excuse the pic quality, battling LED glare and crappy iPhone 5 camera - much nicer in person

Last Pic - Mum and last years hold back (which looked like male 2 for sale)