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Peacock Cichlids Names Aka

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#1 chris1977

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Posted 07 October 2018 - 12:39 PM

Why are there so many different names for the same fish. I love my peacock cichlids "aulonocara" I recently purchased a peacock Jacob firebird male and have been trying to find females for him. At my LFS I was told that the firebird is aka eureka reds and Rubin reds. Can anyone tell me if this is correct as far as I knew they were three different strains can someone please let me know if this is right or not.?

#2 Poncho


    Infidel Castro

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  • Location: Warnbro

Posted 09 October 2018 - 07:52 AM

They are trade names for selectively bred lines and a line can sometimes have multiple names. Pretty sure they are all the same or at least regarded as such. If they were different once upon a time, there is unlikely any way you can 100% claim that a fish today is from a specific line as past breeders are highly likely to have mixed seperate lines, considering them the same fish.

If you love peacocks then I recommend getting some that are labelled with species and a location of Lake Malawi - natural forms. For example Aulonocara steveni “Hongi island”. You’ll pay a little more and they won’t be bright fluorescent orange 100% of the time but they shouldn’t be confused with other lines and when males show they are just as attractive if not more.

There were some Aulonocara chipokae for sale on PCs Facebook - surprised they weren’t snaffled up as it was a good price and good looking fish

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