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November 6Th Meeting - Auction

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#1 Stormfyre


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 12:24 PM

QgRu2Q.jpgNovember 6th Meeting - Auction Night p11jAT.jpg
The next meeting of the Perth Cichlid Society will be an auction night on Tuesday, November 6th.
We are now taking bookings for lots. Please PM your lots to Ben 'Muttley' ASAP on PCS Forum.

The auction will be held at our regular venue Atwell College, 201 Brenchley Drive, Atwell 6164. We will be opening doors early to get lots booked in. Please park your cars in the car park marked, do not enter the school gates with your vehicles.

·         We will have a new Fish of the Month for October. This month's FoTM is 'Aulonacara maulana - BC500' kindly donated by PCS Member - Brenno71. We will have a bag of 6-7 fish, around 7cm (instant colony), to discuss and auction off, with proceeds to Stuart Grant Fund for Cichlid Preservation. Learn about the fish and then take some home.
·         Grab some raffle tickets for our Sponsor prize table full of awesome aquarium hobby items. There will be 2 major prizes to win!! Don't forget 20% of raffle goes towards the Cichlid Preservation Fund.
·         In the PCS Kitchen we will have some tasty Bratwurst sausage sizzle with onions for you to buy. We will also have hot and cold drinks and snacks. Don't forget 20% of kitchen purchases goes towards the Cichlid Preservation Fund.
wElF6D.jpg oGGL2s.jpg PxrUUe.jpg
Please note -
·         There will be no PCS Library or PCS Show Table this meeting.
·         You can pay cash or we can accept MasterCard, VISA Debit, VISA Credit and PayPal.
·         All lots must be pre-booked, with no exceptions. See this guide before you book in - HERE.
·         General public are welcome to attend, so please bring your friends along.
·         The doors will open just on 7:10pm to start processing lots. Lot viewing will start at 7:45pm.
·         No lots will be accepted into the auction after 7:40pm.
You will have a short period in which to view the lots commencing at 7:45pm. View the lots carefully before bidding as once you win, you own it. The lot area will be sectioned off and we ask that everyone remain behind the sectioned off area at all times, with the exception of the viewing period. Lots will only be dispersed at the end of the auction. This means you will need to remain until the end and be patient to collect your winning lots. The lots will be collected by PCS Committee members for you. Nobody is permitted to collect their own lots.
The PCS Raffle will feature great items and as major prizes -
1st prize - from Rob's Aquariums.
SunSun HW-3000 Canister filter. 1200-3000LPH adjustable - 4 stage filtration with accessories included. 

  • ABS engineering plastic, fashionalble design.
  • Siphon styple intake, easy to use. With water stop switch, easy cleaning.
  • Low noise operation, large out flow. 6 gears adjustable outflow from 1200-3000LPH.
  • With touchable screen.
  • With 9W UV sterilizer. UV Lamp working hours adjustable.

E7rTXe.jpg t4N1vc.jpg QyyHo7.jpg a8c9SN.jpg


2nd prize - from Rob's Aquariums.
Indiana Aquariums T8 LED - 4FT 15W light. This light is T8 style LED in a great colour ratio to make your fish POP! - 3Red-2Green-2Blue.

gikQo5.jpg IkU4Mm.jpg 8toulm.jpg a8c9SN.jpg

The auction will be capped at *150 lots at the discretion of the PCS committee. In the interests of fairness, variety and smooth running, sellers may be asked to modify their lots at the organisers' discretion.
        *All lots must be pre-booked, with no exceptions. See this guide before you book in - HERE.
                                       Please list the following:
                                              :Number of fish
                                              :Scientific and common name of fish
                                              :Size of fish
                                              :Sex if known and a reserve if wanted.

 PM your list to Ben 'Muttley' via PCS Forums.

                                                         For example -
                                              3 x copadichromis virginalis "Mloto firecrest" 5-6cm
                                              5 x aphyocharax anisitsi "bloodfin tetra" 4cm
                                              1 x scobinancistrus aureatus "sunshine pleco" M 20cm (res $50)
                                         Lists of lots missing the above information will be sent back.

The number of auction lots will be at the discretion of the PCS Committee, however to ensure the evening does not run too late, the number of lots will be capped around 150. 
To assist sellers in determining what lots to submit, the following should be considered:
·         Cichlid lots will take preference to any other lots;
·         To encourage sellers to submit cichlid lots, the PCS has discounted the commission it will take from the sale price (5% vs 10% for non-cichlid lots);
·         While duplicate lots will be accepted, at the discretion of the PCS committee, lots may be removed in the interest of fairness and variety. Duplicate lots from the same seller will be those initially selected for removal. Duplicate lots from different sellers will be accommodated as best as possible. Sellers will be notified should this occur;
·         PCS will attempt to include all sellers submitting lots, however preference will be given to those submitting lots 2 weeks prior to auction night; and
·         All perishable items (e.g. food, chemicals, water treatments) will not be accepted unless they are sealed (i.e. unused).
There are a few things people need to be aware of for auction -

General public are welcome to attend.
·         All lots will be inspected on the night and any lots with deformed,unidentifiable or undersized fish will be removed.
·         All lots will  have the seller's forum name listed on the bag.
·         Fish bagged incorrectly will not be accepted. No sandwich bags or zip-lock bags allowed.
·         Please make sure your fish are adequately bagged. If they are large fish, put each in a separate bag.
·         When booking lots, please use reserve prices sparingly  for the expensive stuff. No reserves will be accepted below $20
·         When bidding on the night please remember that collection and payment of lots will only take place at the end of the auction.
·         At the end of the auction your lots will be collected and given to you by a committee member. Do not touch any lots.
·         Only club members can sell lots at the auction but you can become one on the night. Anyone can bid/buy.
·         The PCS takes a 10% commission on all sales at the auction.
·         Non PCS club members pay an additional 10% of total sale price per lot.
·         Atwell College is not a licensed venue and alcohol is not permitted. Anyone drinking at the site will be asked to leave.
·         No smoking is permitted at Atwell College, you need to go out the front away from the entrance.
·         There are limited lots in the auction and cichlids then other fish take priority. The committee has discretion in refusing lots and reserves in the interests of balance and pacing.


Please bring your own boxes and bags to the auction to transport fish and goods home with you. If you bring your own boxes, please ensure you write your name on them to identify that they belong to you.
Please keep your eyes on your boxes if you leave them in the room, PCS is not responsible for taking care of them for you as we are too busy on auction nights. PCS will not have a stock pile of boxes for you to pack fish into at the end of the auction, it is important to bring your own.
All are welcome. Hope to see you there Tuesday, November 6th.
Doors open 7:15pm. Veiwing starts 7:45pm. Auction starts 8:00pm at Atwell College, 201 Brenchley Drive, Atwell 6164.



New parking area. Do not drive into school gates unless you are dropping off large deliveries.



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Posted 09 October 2018 - 07:53 AM

Ridgefet see you there mate

#3 Muttley


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Posted 09 October 2018 - 09:00 AM

awwww ridge hasn't liked this post, must be something wrong with him ;-P

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#4 Stormfyre


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Posted 09 October 2018 - 02:37 PM

He met my ban hammer..


awwww ridge hasn't liked this post, must be something wrong with him ;-P

#5 Muttley


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Posted 10 October 2018 - 01:28 PM

Cos he was friends with that Castro guy? must have been ;-P


Just need to belt that Branthow guy now to ;-P

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