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Pcs Terms And Conditions

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Posted 16 May 2006 - 10:44 AM

Terms and Conditions for use of our free forums

1. The PCS (Perth Cichlid Society) is a club intended for people of all ages and skill levels to share their experiences and a common interest (fishkeeping) with like-minded people through club events and the PCS Forums. The PCS recognises that all members have a basic right to be treated with respect and participate in society activities free from any form of personal attack. The PCS reserves the right to exclude individuals from membership, society events and/or access to the online forum if found to be responsible for profanity, insults or defamation directed at a PCS Club member, event/forum participant or the society itself, within any public arena. Any posts that are detrimental to the harmony of this forum (for example including, but not limited to, post with racist, xenophobic, hateful or bullying content) will not be tolerated.


2. Don't fall for people who are offensive on purpose (also known as trolling). Instead of replying, contact a moderator or administrator and ask that the offensive post be removed.

3. Please refrain from naming businesses or products for negative feedback. If you have a problem, try and work it out with the shop in question. If that doesn't work you can contact the RSPCA for animal cruelty concerns or the Department of Commerce (1300 304 054) for problems with equipment etc.

4. Try to use sensible subject headings. Avoid using ALL CAPS in your posts. LOCKED CAPS indicates that you are shouting and could therefore be considered offensive.

5. Please take your time to write your post correctly. "Posts wot hav b33n rite'n like dis 1" - will be deleted. Leet speak will not be tolerated, even if you have "m4d l33t sk1llz" . Similarly, "AOL speak" or similar will not be tolerated. Sentences or posts written like "wat r u gonna b doin L8tr?" will be deleted with no explanation. Finally, no "sticky caps". StUfF wRiTtEn LiKe ThIs LoOkS sTuPiD.

6. The Perth Cichlid Society advocates the use of scientific names (where sensible) of livestock rather than common names. This helps avoid the possibility of confusing one species with another and giving incorrect or irrelevant advice. A good knowledge of scientific names will be beneficial for all fishkeepers in the long term. Also on a point of taxonomy/nomenclature - the species part of the scientific name always has a lower case letter. Both genus and species names are written using italics. So, Parachromis managuense is correct, while Parachromis Managuense is wrong.

7. Hybrids, which are a mixture of two or more species of fish, cannot be sold, traded or promoted on this forum. They are also ineligible to be entered into any PCS competition. Posts containing photos or discussion of hybrids may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

8. The PCS fully supports the RSPCA against cruelty to animals and fish. Any pictures and/or videos showing cruelty, as well as posts glorifying cruelty, will be deleted at the discretion of the PCS Moderators.

9. Signatures can contain one image, which must not be larger than 400x50px and bigger than 50kb, the image must not be offensive and will be allowed at the committee's discretion. Text signatures are restricted to 6 lines and text size should not be larger than standard, exceptions apply for PCS promotions. External links and website addresses are allowed at the committee's discretion. Avatar pictures must not be offensive and must not contain website addresses.

10. Everyone please ensure you have your location added into your profile - this is now a requirement for registration.

11. The PCS requires that members respect the decision of moderators.
It is not an easy task moderating a forum as it contains a wide range of people with differing ideas and experiences. The moderators here are only human and occasionally mistakes may be made. Threads and posts questioning the actions or decisions of forum moderations or any abuse directed at moderators will be deleted on sight, and the appropriate action taken (up to and including forum bans) against the thread starter and/or participants. However, as a member you reserve the right to PM or email the Committee regarding action taken against you.


NOTE: Everyone please ensure you have your location added into your profile before listing items for sale or wanted to buy.

1. The use of the general classifieds for users wishing to sell aquarium related goods is limited to the undermentioned categories:

Fish bred or kept by seller
Second-hand dry goods
Products made by a PCS Club Member
The occasional buying and on-selling of fish by PCS Club Members to recover some of the costs

2. Please preface all new topic posts with one of either WTB: (Wanted to buy) or FS: (For sale) or EOI: (Expressions of interest) or FREE: (self explanatory, I hope).
Prices are mandatory on all for sale or expression of interest posts
PCS Sponsors excepted.

3. Please don't bump posts - ie. reply in your own thread, unless 4 days or more have passed since your last bump or original post. Bumping can include adding fish or items, changing the price as well as adding statements like "you have pm", "pm sent", "email sent", "nice fish" etc. If sellers want to add fish or items or change the price etc, you have to edit your original post if you want to do this within 4 days.

The only exemption to the bumping rule - if 4 days or more have passed since the last bump, then you are allowed to bump your advert back to the top.

4. The Classifieds is for the sale of livestock or goods by individuals and sponsors. Commercial listings by non-sponsor businesses or entities, or websites is not permitted unless prior authorisation has been obtained from the Committee.

5. The PCS does not condone the buying and selling of hybrids, dye injected fish and noxious fish. Therefore any classified that contradicts this policy will be deleted without warning.

6. The Classifieds are to be used for the advertisement of fish and fish related items only. If you have something which is not fish related for sale please use "Off the Wall" - Club Members of the PCS only.

6a. Club Members of the PCS may advertise goods for sale and/or their own business on a one-off basis, ie, no repeated postings of the same item or business. Offending posts will be deleted without notice.

7. Please do not hijack other peoples advertisements. This means adding your own "for sales" to other people's Classifieds. It is considered bad form and such posts will be removed.

8. The following should be in every ad posted in the classifieds:


  • Name
  • Size
  • Number (if more than one)
  • Sex (if known, otherwise state "sex unknown")
  • Price or a ballpark figure
  • Photos (if you don't have photos, this must be stated)

Equipment etc

  • Brand (if applicable)
  • Age
  • Description, incl condition of the item
  • Price or ballpark figure
  • Photos (if you don't have photos, this must be stated)

Topics that breach these guidelines will be edited and or deleted without warning. Continued abuse will result in banning.

The PCS has a three strike policy in regards to breaking the T & C:

1. You will receive a written warning
2. You will receive a two week ban
3. You will be permanently banned

The Committee may ban a user without warning if his or her actions are deemed beyond reproach.
Records (strikes) of warnings and temp bans will be reset after 12months of good behaviour.


Classifieds Guidelines found here- http://www.perthcich...showtopic=23905

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