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Photo Competition 2018.

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#1 Stormfyre


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Posted 25 March 2018 - 05:11 PM

QgRu2Q.jpg Perth Cichlid Society - Photo Competition 2018. 
PCS will be running another Photo Comp to give back to the Club Members that support the club. We have loads of prizes for you to win each month.
You need to be a club member to enter, so please sign up. Becoming a member has many benefits.
Similar to last year, an announcement will be made at the start of each month advising the topic. From then, participants can PM photos to Ben 'Muttley' for screening.  Photos that are found to be plagiarised or excessively photo-shopped will not be submitted. One major rule change this year is you are not allowed to use a photo you entered into a previous competition with PCS.
You may not have the flashiest camera, but that didn't stop people from winning previous photo competitions (Many using their smart phones), Subject is equally important as quality.
Even if you entered but didn't win anything, you will be awarded points for your efforts. With this system, continuous participation and consistency is rewarded, not just one timers.
Thus, people who constantly participate will be rewarded for their efforts. Who knows, you could take out the annual prize.
Photographs entered may be used in the PCS Calendar for upcoming years. Your efforts could me immortalised in print.
Submitted Photos are required to be:
  • Taken by the Club Member entering the photo. 
  • Water mark free and anonymous - sent from the forum account of the member entering. 
  • Unedited Pictures - Minor Adjustments are permitted (white balance/ sharpen) , but heavily edited for example 'colour enhancements' are subject to disqualification)
  • Relevant to the months topic - judgement may be at the descretion of PCS.
  • You are not allowed to use a photo you have previously entered into any PCS photo competition.

Club Members can only enter one photo each month into the competition. 

Photos should be displayed to a max 1024 pixels wide, photos with a resolution above this will be re-sized to 1024. (Photobucket and IMG codes will re-size automatically)
reXxay.jpg WEIVTQ.jpg
Submitted photos will be posted  a few days before the end of the month.  Entries will then be closed and judging will commence. All photos will be available to Club Members Only to vote on a poll. 
NB: Voting will be monitored and any of evidence of cheating will lead to an automatic disqualification and you will not be allowed to enter any comps for the rest of the year. This includes disqualification from the final round. Any entrant found guilty of trying to solicit votes i.e. through pm's or Facebook will also be disqualified.
A Monthly Prize will be awarded to 1st place and 2nd place for each topic. We have many excellent items for prizes from our sponsors that we will be handing out at the PCS monthly meeting following judgement. As some prizes are sponsor goods and to promote involvement in other areas of the club, prizes will need be collected from club meetings.
Additionally, throughout the competition , entrants will be selected for a smaller prize for a great effortThat's right, even if you don't win each month, you could get a prize and add to your annual tally.
The points system will be awarded so that 1st place will receive 3 points, 2nd will receive 2 points, every other entry will receive 1 point. This way, consistent participation will still give you a good chance at winning the annual prize.
Points earned throughout the annual competition will be tallied up. The person with the greatest number of points will win the annual prize. Definitely something worth the effort.
The annual prize  will be awarded at our Annual BBQ after the competition closes. 
A thread will be pinned in the Photo Comp section where members can see the current tallies and keep track of their position.
1st place -                3 Points + A prize selected each month from our sponsors. 
2nd place -               2 Points + A prize selected each month from our sponsors. 
All other entries -    1 Point.
Remember: Photos can be taken anywhere (Even your LFS or friend's house with permission). As long as you took the shot, it's valid.
***Upon the announcement of the monthly winners, the winners will need to arrange pick up from one of the upcoming monthly meeting as prizes may be bulky or unable to post. Come and be a part of this great club.
Monthly Topics:
April -                Malawi Cichlids.
May -                Breeding and Fry Shots.
June -               Aquarium Plants. 
July -                 West African Cichlids.
August -            Macro shot (anything aquarium related).
September -      Tankbusters, Exotics & Oddballs.
October -           New World & American Cichlids inc Discus.
November -       Tanganyikan Cichlids.
December -       Full Tank Shots.
If you have any questions, please post them here. 
Good luck!

#2 Muttley


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Posted 03 April 2018 - 10:44 AM

Just a reminder to everyone that this month's photo competition topic is Malawi Cichlids. Even if you don't keep them yourself you just need to find a way to get yourself and your camera near one. If only there was a PCS talk and possible show table with malawi's to photo  :P

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