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Ryans Bonzai Aquascape

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#1 Ryan-w

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Posted 07 June 2016 - 07:08 PM

Hi guys!

Since the last one was so fun I'm definitely in for this again. The last tank was a monster and it ended up getting me some grate prizes but this one will be very different

It's a nano tank and something I have never done before or know much about.

The plan is to have a scape of a tree growing by a clif side. I'm undecided on what's going to live in the tank yet and I'm still researching what plants I can use as Plants aren't something I know a whole lot about.

The tank- just a little 2 ft tank made by morley aquariums I had as a old hospital tank for a few years thats never been used.


So where there is death there is new life! An old bonzai of mine that got a little too much sun will be my experiment. No idea how this is going to work or not, going to try with the dead leafs on the tree first to see if moss will grow on that if not I'll have to trim it and try moss with out the leafs. Still trying to decide on what's the best moss


The Rock! Not the Jabroni beating Pie eating kind thats now in Hollywood but the kind you see in all those cool shapes from Asia. $35 from city farmers

Placement is key

The soil. This is thanks to the last aquascape competition a bag of ADA Amazonia ive had sitting in a bucket of water waiting to be used and finaly it has its chance. Maybe it will be good luck


In with the tree, the soil and a few other rocks too. Im undecided if the rocks will stay there but they will keep the tree down while it's water logging.


I've filled the tank to start the water logging process but you can't see anything because it's so brown from the soil.

I'm thinking of dwarf baby tears for the "grass" of the tank so thats the next thing I need to try and find

#2 Ryan-w

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Posted 09 July 2016 - 03:10 PM

July update.

So the tanks been sitting and settling for a month now.

Picked up some monte carlo today to start the carpeting. A nice big clump from a guy on facebook for only $25 so pretty wrapped thats all ive had to pay for anything in this tank so far

So ive planted it as best i can... very tricky to plant something so fine into such soft soil like the ada but its in,theres a bit floating around but as that gets a little bigger ill plant that too.


#3 Ryan-w

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Posted 18 July 2016 - 08:26 PM

Ok so its time for co2.

I was originally planning on making a kit with a coke bottle and some yeast and suggar but i decided its going to be allot of muching around and not overly reliable. So where too from there? Spend a fortune on a co2 kit for a low budget setup? Nah hello soda streem! I jumped on ebay and collected some bits and pieces from china and for under $30 i got a diy co2 kit and a sotastreem bottle out of the cupboard


Unfortunately they decided not to pack the hose that i ordered so ill have to swing past aquotix and grab a bit from them

#4 Ryan-w

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Posted 21 August 2016 - 05:24 PM

Ok well its that time of the month again. The update.

Not allot has been happening as my discus tend to take up most of my time. I still need to get a little regulator to conect the co2 line up to the kit i bought to adapt to the soda streem. But i have been using the soda streem to make soda water to add to the tank once a week :-)


The Monty carlo is starting to spread well but i am having problems keeping it rooted. I think once its spread a little more im going to get some very fine black sand to top it to keep it down and let it grow through

Im still yet to get my moss going for the bonzai but i think ill be better off waiting for the MC to spread a little more first

Still yet to pick a fish but im thinking maybe celestial dannios

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