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Bushfire Mitagation Carbon Management What Am I Missing?

19 November 2019 - 06:15 PM

So it's another bushfire season plenty more carnage . How don't we harvest forrestry in fire break lines in conjunction with more directed prescribed burns .Using the wood for wood chips for energy production and where logisticly and environmentaly feasable use disused mine pits to fill with the biomass which isn't fit for energy production eg leaves and root systems .One argument against this is big trees sequester more but to counter that where getting sites of deforestation due to successive bush fires . Not all carbon is equal to me a sequestration half life makes sense some forests might have a sequestration half life of  a hundred years or a tiny fraction of how long coal is sequestered for .I like the idea of a lot of towns in fire prone areas exporting energy to our bigger hubs . This also means a lot more bushfire fighting infrastructure available and more readily available bulldozers etc . Am I missing something ?

Stubborn Catfish More Likely To Die From Tapwater Changes ?

19 November 2019 - 05:44 PM

Hi all ,

The odd unexplained catfish death over the years . Wondering if adding tap water with dechlorinater as I do with a lot of my fish no problems . Just wondering doing that when there's catfish in  tank which are often reluctant to move they might cop the stream of water (yes I should go back to using a spray fitting ) that is poorly mixed and so high in chlorine .Just thought there could be something to watch out for a bit more with catfish .