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Auction Roundup - May 2017

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#1 Chris Perth

Chris Perth
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Posted 03 May 2017 - 12:30 PM

Auction Roundup


The PCS Auction on 2nd May 17 was again well attended with approx. 58 attendees (Yes I did do a rough head count this time) Let me say at the outset that the atmosphere was a bit flat and lacked the sense of excitement and anticipation which was palpable in the previous two auctions (this is of course my personal opinion) notwithstanding that the quality of the Lots offered was again excellent. 

Due to difficulties formatting the tables for the forum view them in the pdf.


Here are the stats for those who like them. A total of 158 lots went under the hammer from an original list of 156.  (Two SGFC donation Lots added at the last minute) Here is a break up of Lots by number and percentage of total. Interesting also that for the first time in the last 3 Auctions that three Lots (all plants) were passed in with no bids being received.


Type                          Number of Lots              % of Total

 Book/Mag                        3                                   1.90

 Catfish                             19                                 12.03

 Cichlids                            45                                28.48

 Non Cichlids #                  9                                  5.70

 Other **                         16                                10.13

 Plants                              55                                34.81

 Shrimp                              9                                  5.70

 Snails                                2                                   1.27

 Total Fish *                    54                                 34.18

 Total Fish&Catfish        73                                 46.20

 Total                              158                              100.00


* Sub-total of all fish – not part of overall total.

# comprised of all Guppies.

** All items not categorised as above.


I found it interesting that Chichlids, Catfish and Cichlid Books/Mags, made up only 43% of Lots on offer. Non-Cichlids, Plants, Shrimp and Snails made up 47% of Lots on offer. The remaining 10% was made up of Other items (Food, pumps, accessories etc.).


As we are primarily a Cichlid Society I have included tables which are cichlid specific.


Breakup of Cichlid Lots.


Cichlid Lots                         Number of Lots                % of Total

Tanganyikan                                   11                                  24.4

Malawi                                           30                                   66.7

Victoria                                             2                                    4.4

Central /Sth American                   1                                    2.2

African                                              1                                    2.2

Total                                                45                                  100



Top selling Malawis:

Description                                                                                                             Lot Price                 Ave each

1 x Pair Cheilochromis Euchilus (RARE) 6cm                                                     $40.00                     $20.00

3 x Lethrinops sp. "Red Cap" (Itungi) 3-4cm                                                     $75.00                     $25.00

3 x Placidochromis Phenochilus "Mdoka White Lip" 5-6cm                          $90.00                      $30.00

4 x Protomelas Taeniolatus "Namalenje Island" German line" 4-5cm         $80.00                      $20.00


Top selling Tanganyikans:

Description                                                                                                Lot Price                         Ave each

1 x Pair Neolamprologus Brevis "Sunspot" 2-3cm                               $60.00                           $30.00

10 x Tropheus Moorii Kasakalawe German line 4-5cm                     $260.00                          $26.00

3 x Altolamprologus Calvus "Black" 3-4cm                                            $70.00                          $23.33

1 x Pair of Calinochromis sp. Ndobhoi 10-12cm                                   $40.00                          $20.00

4 x Cyphotilapia Frontosa (f1) "Kigoma" 5cm                                        $80.00                         $20.00

4 x Ophtalmotilapia Boops "Neon Streak" 5cm                                  $130.00                         $32.50


All of the others:

Description                                                                                                 Lot Price                     Ave each

5 x Haplochromis sp. "Flameback" 3-4cm    (Lake Victoria)                $40.00                         $40.00

1 x Pair Lithochromis Rubripinnis (RARE) 5cm  (Lake Victoria)          $45.00                         $22.50

8 x Steatocranus casuarius "Blockheads" 7-10 cm  (Congo basin)    $160.00                       $20.00


Again, a good number of donations made to raise money for the Stuart Grant Fund, 15 in total making up almost 9.5% of the Lots. Bigjohnnofish, Mac and Chen were the next largest contributors of Lots.


Name                                        Lots             %

Donations                                 15            9.49

bigjohnnofish                           27           17.09

chen                                           19           12.03

sjconsen                                    11             6.96

stormfyre                                  10             6.33

bostave                                     16            10.13

bonnyboi                                   3               1.90

Mr White                                   3               1.90

Dicky7                                        3               1.90

poncho                                      6                3.80

Chris Perth                                3                1.90

cameroncuz                            12                7.59

Mac                                          19              12.03

Mattia                                        1                 0.63

Mr Blue                                     7                 4.43

Tancam31                                 3                 1.90


Total                                      158               100.00


The most expensive individual fish of the night were two Lots of 2 x Leporacanthicus (L007) "vampire pleco" 4-6cm which went for $65 and $75 each, and a pair of Panaqolus sp."L397"  9-11cm  MF which averaged $75 each.


The most expensive lot was $260 for 10 x Tropheus Moorii Kasakalawe German line 4-5cm i.e. $26 per fish – a good buy in my book as I expected that they would have gone for at least $300.


Apart from 1 bag of feeder guppies – the quality stock averaged just over $7 a fish with the highest being $12.50 per fish for a bag of 4 x Poecilia reticulata "purple moscows" 3-5cm MMFF


Description                                                                                         Lot Price             Ave Each

2 x pairs Poecilia reticulata "blue lace" 3-5cm MF                          $35.00                $8.75

2 x pairs Poecilia reticulata "albino sunsets" 3-5cm MF                $10.00                $2.50

2 x pairs Poecilia reticulata "red snakeskins" 3-5cm MF                $20.00                $5.00

2 x pairs Poecilia reticulata "blonde endlers" 3-5cm MF               $20.00                $5.00

2 x pairs Poecilia reticulata "blue scarlet endlers" 3-4cm MF      $18.00                 $4.50

2 x pairs Poecilia reticulata "purple moscows" 3-5cm MF            $50.00               $12.50

2 x pairs Poecilia reticulata "blue grass" 3-5cm MFFF                   $50.00               $12.50

2 x pairs Poecilia reticulata "albino platinum" 3-5cm MF             $30.00                 $7.50


Shrimp were again popular and apart from ‘ninjas’ all got good prices with a bag of 8 x Caridina cantonensis Crystal Red shrimp (S grade) going for $100 or $12.50 per shrimp.


Description                                                                                  Lot Price              Ave Each

5 x Caridina sp. Gulf1 "Red nose shrimp" 1cm                        $38.00                 $7.60

8 x Caridina cantonensis Crystal Red shrimp (S grade)        $100.00               $12.50

6 x Neocaridina davidi "Carbon rili schrimp"                           $30.00                 $5.00

10 x Neocaridina davidi Blue velvet cherry shrimp                 $64.00                $6.40

10 x Neocaridina sp "Red cherry shrimp"                                 $12.00                $1.20

10 x Neocaridina davidi Blue velvet with red spots shrimp   $35.00                $3.50

10 x Neocaridina sp Cherry shrimp                                              $5.00                $0.50


Plants – there were 55 Lots (an increase of 34% on last auction), again the star of the show was a Lot of 1 x Crinium Calamistratum which fetched $60 - $20 down on last Auction.


I post this for the people that were not able to get there, also if this is too difficult to read I have attached a pdf.Attached File  20170502 May Auction Roundup .pdf   80.39KB   12 downloads

Edited by Chris Perth, 03 May 2017 - 01:07 PM.

#2 Mattia


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Posted 03 May 2017 - 01:45 PM

That's a great report- thanks again Chris for putting your time into this ;)

#3 Poncho


    Infidel Castro

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  • Location: Warnbro

Posted 03 May 2017 - 03:17 PM

Yep great wrap up.


I agree that the atmosphere was a bit flat to start with. A lot of new faces though and I think a lot of people there were trying to get a sense of how things worked. Once they did, it seemed to spark up and some pretty fun conversation at the break and after the auction finished.


My theory, and just a theory cos I haven't done any analysis to prove it, is that lots that haven't been seen for a while or at all at previous auctions tend to attract bids. Lots where there are several of the same type or they've been at every auction for the past three years generally tend to struggle. I'm primarily basing this on things like electric yellows, afra cobue and mainganos. They used to be all over the place at auction time and you were lucky to get a dollar per fish. Haven't seen these fish for a while and last night they were pretty much at that $7 a fish mark. 


My advice to future sellers is that you'll get more attention for your lots if you mix it up a bit rather than put the same thing in all the time.

#4 Chopstick_mike

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Posted 03 May 2017 - 11:13 PM

The tangs seemed to command a decent bidding especially the shell dwellers they went at a decent price for the sellers

#5 Sendmeister

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Posted 04 May 2017 - 03:23 PM

Mr Poncho.. good to see and proven in Chris report: Tangs attracts high bids.. all of the tangs lots sold quite high. As I said earlier, we went hard for tangs

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#6 dazzabozza


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Posted 06 May 2017 - 09:02 AM

Another great write up Chris. I read it top to bottom and there's some interesting stats there!

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