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Tiger Oscars

24 September 2012 - 06:05 PM

I have a pair of Tiger Oscars that are around 18 months old. Last week they started to lay eggs. I jumped online and researched what to do.
I know know that they are a breeding pair that aren't that easy to find. I left the first lot of eggs with them and they ate them, so I removed the second lot that were laid almost 1 week later and set them up in a spare tank. They have hatched and are now 5 days old. I have been to 4 different shops around Perth trying to find Methylene Blue for the next batch as only about 50 hatched this time.
Does anyone know where I can buy Methylene Blue from in Perth? I've tried City Barn Malaga, Pet Stock Wangara, City Farmers Balcatta and Pet City in Balcatta. They have all told me that their supplier no longer stocks it. The must all have the same supplier.
I'm also looking for brine shrimp eggs, a brine shrimp net and food for the brine shrimp so that I can feed the Oscar Fry baby brine shrimp.
I bought frozen baby shrimp from City Barn but they don't seem very interested in it. What else can I feed them until I get the brine shrimp?
Any info would be great.
I've attached some photo's of the adults, Tigger and Oscar wink.gif and of the Oscar eggs and the Oscar Fry at 4 days old.
I will be getting a smaller tank to put the next lot of eggs in, this old tank is way too big. When they get old enough can you transfer them into a bigger tank or are they still too sensitive? What would be the best age to do this?
Also when I can get the Methylene Blue it says to take that out of the water once they start hatching, what is the best way for doing this and when should it be done?