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Muttley's Aquariums

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#1 Muttley


    PCS Vice-President & Photo Comp 2018

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Posted 26 May 2018 - 09:10 PM

Hey everyone, 


I've decided to start a little journal for myself so I can look back later and enjoy how far I've come. I've only been a member of PCS for about 9 monthes and although I've kept a tank or two before they were simple little tanks (in my 18-22yr old range) or a golfish tank as a kid. It's always something I wanted to get into more heavily and since buying my own house and the wife deciding she wanted to get into keep tanks as well the hobby kind of exploded for me.


The wife mentioned we were looking at it to some friends of hers and BAM we were given a 4*18*18 with stand as they had gotten out of keeping fish (sold all bar one of their tanks) after they lost a bunch and their 13yr old sailfin pleco (George) died. They're now into reptiles. Setting up this tank in our lounge room gave us the chance to see if we really did want to get into the hobby or if we were only interested on the surface (also saved us a lot of $$). This tank was setup (with plenty of mistakes) as a planted community tank with cories, tetra's and BN's. Although there is heaps we would change about it (and will at some point in the future) it got us hooked. 


Dec/Jan I brought a 3*2*2 with sump and stand from gumtree that got setup in my office. Then followed a three tier rack purchased from bunnings (the rack-it 1000kg stuff) with 3 tanks on the rack at 90cm*60cm*40cm (Cheers for these Mattia). Now we have four tanks all running in my office each being used to breed one species. I had to give up one of the rack tanks to the missus who wants to try breeding the black corydoras she loves. However the other two rack tanks are Caudopuntatus (from the Feb auction) on the top and Gold Occies (mostly from the feb auction with some extra females from Aquotix) on the bottom. Then the gumtree tank has the Cyprichromis Leptosoma Utinta's (feb auction as well with some extra females from Aqoutix) that already have the largest female holding.


Here is a photo of the new Occie tank that they moved into tonight even though they are all hiding due to being freaked out from the move (they were sharing a home with the Cyps until this tank was setup but with a Cyp now holding I couldn't leave the Occies in there to eat the fry).




I'll take some photo's of all the tanks for this journal in the near future. We're not planning on getting anymore tanks until we finish some more renovations on our house at which point we're planning on setting up a fish room in the store room that is built onto my games room (except setting up a tank for my wife's office for her purple moscow guppies which I got an unused medium sized tank from gumtree. The bloke had bought it and then his wife got pregnant with their fourth kid so it never got used but sat in his garage for 2 years. Still have the stuff that came with it taped inside it lol). The future fish room is 24.5ft long and about 8-10ft wide with electiricty/water/drainage already, so it should allow us to have a nice setup we can potter around in together ;-).

#2 Chopstick_mike

  • Forum Member
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  • Location: Tapping

Posted 27 May 2018 - 11:14 AM

Looks wicked mate just a suggestion tho I’d take the rocks out as it increases there territory better of just putting piles shells with a big gap between them that’s what I’ve had to do my occies

#3 Muttley


    PCS Vice-President & Photo Comp 2018

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Posted 27 May 2018 - 12:48 PM

Cool to know, I actually put them all in for line of sight blocking to combat aggression. Never thought it would increase territory size.

#4 ice

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Posted 28 May 2018 - 07:06 AM

I've always found the opposite to Mike and had rocks in there to block line of sight and aggression like you said. Has worked well for me in the past having good sized colonies in a relatively small tanks. Plus it looks better than just sand and shells.

#5 Delapool


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  • Location: Viveash

Posted 28 May 2018 - 10:53 AM

You could always get another tank to test either way in parallel?! Just trying to help out...

Looking nice though

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