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Entering Lots In The Auction: A Guide

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#1 Kleinz

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Posted 08 October 2014 - 02:08 AM

In an effort to try and cut down on confusion, as well as save work, I am posting this guide to entering lots in PCS auctions.
When sending your  lots through to whichever committee member to be listed, please use the following format:
For livestock and plants:
number of fish/plant, Scientific name, "common name", size, sex if known, (reserve, if any)
for example:  5 x scienochromis fryeri "electric blue" 6-7cm MMFFF
                     1x crinium calamistratum 25cm
                     1x clump tennis ball size subwassertang
                     2x leporacanthus cf. galaxias L007 " vampire pleco" 3-4cm (res $300)
If you send me 5x tennis ball size subwassertang, that is what it will be auctioned as; one lot of 5 clumps. If you want 5 lots then send it to me like this:
                      1x clump tennis ball size subwassertang
                      1x clump tennis ball size subwassertang
                      1x clump tennis ball size subwassertang
                      1x clump tennis ball size subwassertang
                      1x clump tennis ball size subwassertang


For non-living lots:


number of items, good description, (reserve, if any)



                      1x Malawi Cichlids in Their Natural Habitat by Ad Konings, Hardcover, secondhand- good condition, (reserve $40)

                      3x small catfish "D" caves, new.


Again, they will be auctioned exactly as sent.



Please check your spelling. Creativity is a good thing in many areas of life, but spelling is not one of those areas



Why do it this way?


1 The Perth Cichlid Society supports the use of scientific "proper" names, as this results in a more positive identification and it's part of our ethos. For example, there are several fish that could be called a "Texas cichlid", but herichthys cyanoguttatus refers to only one species.


2 It makes the list easier to read and and understand for all concerned.


3 There is no fiddling and editing required, so it saves time.


4 If you don't know the scientific name for your fish, then perhaps you should. It's only a google away. One or two searches for each seller might save 100 websearches for an organiser.




If your list doesn't have the information required, or it's formatted some other way, you will be pointed to this page and asked to edit it so it conforms. Only once the list is correct will your lots be accepted.


At the auction, lots will be put up for bid exactly as listed. It is too late to make changes on the night. There will be no extra splitting. The labels are printed; time is always tight at auctions and we don't want to be there until midnight.. Get it sorted beforehand, and hopefully everyone will be happy.


This has been an announcement on behalf of your PCS committee. :)

#2 Fox

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Posted 02 November 2014 - 09:15 AM

Preparing & Bagging fish for Auctions.
This a guide that may help some people with preparing and bagging their fish ready for auctions or sending fish over East etc etc
These are things that I do and may or may not be 100% right but they certainly work for me.
When I know there is an event coming up (Auction or Travel) I will start to organise myself a few weeks beforehand.
I check to make sure I have enough bags & poly boxes for all the fish so I'm not running around like a chook with its head cut off a day before the event.
Feeding & water changing:
If I have a few weeks before the event, I will start to feed the fish on a regular basis but smaller amounts and not skipping one day like usual.
The week before packing I go back to "usual feeding"
Usual feedings:
Feed morning & afternoon, Skip 1 day a week (No food)
Prep feedings:
Feed morning, Afternoon & a couple of small feeds in the evening. Don't skip days.
As for water changes, a few weeks beforehand I will start to 'up' the water changes by doing 2 50% water changes a week & I add Melafix to bring the fish into prime condition (fins etc, if no damage then I don't treat)
The week before the event I go back to normal water changes (50% a week)
The reason for the above, Regular feeding and water changes will make the fish grow a little and produce better colors making it more sell-able & appealing to the buyer.
More preparation:
A week before the event I will move all the fish I'm selling into tanks that are easier to get to and I will also try to combine fish so I'm getting from 1 or 2 tanks & not trying to get 1 fish from this tank and 2-3 fish from another tank. This practice works well if you keep species that can handle the same water conditions. eg: Malawi cichlids
For the upcoming Auction I have moved 150 fish into two tanks (6x2x2 & 3x2x18) with appropriate filtration.
Over the last few weeks I have also been testing water etc etc and keeping an eye on all parameters to make sure all fish are in prime condition.
Two days before the event:
I get all the bags out and write the species on the bags and the amount of fish I'm placing in the bag.
Labidochromis caeruleus "Electric yellow" x 5
I'll also stop feeding the fish, this makes them clear their stomach contents so they aren't excreting in the bags on the night or during travel.
Bagging fish..... The most important part!
Below are the guidelines for the auction, These are the same as I use when bagging fish.


1: Have fish NOT at LEAST 3cm in length (4cm + would be ideal) exceptions are dwarf species.
2: NOT up to standard (deformed, hybrids inc Flowerhorns & fish that have been bashed by other fish)
3: Bags that have way too much water in them. Plants DONT need to have much water, enough to keep them moist. Fish only need a QUARTER of the bag filled. Fish don't run out of water, but they will run out of air.
4: A bag that has too many fish in the one bag.
A good example of how many per bag:
3cm - 5cm Small species - 5 - 10 to a bag (sm-med bag)
5cm - 10cm Med species - 2 - 5 to a bag (med-lrg bag)
10cm + Large species - 1 - 2 to a bag (lrg bag)

The above may seem harsh, but to me fish just aren't fish! They are my first priority when it comes to being in a bag for an extended period of time.
Please visit your LFS to grab some bags. If you go to Officeworks and grab some SIZE 30 rubber bands, they are a very good size to work with.
If you have trouble with tying bags, ask your LFS to show you how to do it. While your there grab yourself a poly box or 2 to bring your fish in. Most LFS will be happy to give them to you for free.

If you have any questions or issues with the above, please don't hesitate to contact me via PM.
If your not comfortable contacting me, there is other Committee members to contact


This post is what I do, It may or may not be right. It works for me, you may have other ways of doing things that may work better.

#3 Bombshocked

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Posted 02 November 2014 - 09:23 AM

good write up,

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#4 MattyB

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Posted 02 November 2014 - 01:54 PM


i like how you did the right up 2 days before the auction lol

#5 Fox

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Posted 02 November 2014 - 02:43 PM

Well I do have other things going on in life ;)

#6 MattyB

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Posted 02 November 2014 - 07:58 PM

haha all good mate just having a dig. most is common sense anyway :)

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#7 Fox

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Posted 02 November 2014 - 08:36 PM

I know, I was stirring ya back :P

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