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Rare Mbuna Out There????

26 July 2023 - 03:24 PM

Chasing rare mbuna if people know of any...
Lions Cove???
Luwino Reef???

So Did We Lose Tyrannochromis Macrostoma...or Was It Nigriventer We Had??

24 July 2023 - 01:17 AM

IS Tyrannochromis Macrostoma here???

We know the Nigriventer are here but was Macrostoma here and it was lost or crossed out or was it actually only Nigriventer here and it was mislabelled ...or.... are there Macrostoma lurking out there?

To me there is definitely a distinct difference and its all to do with the location of the bump/kink on the face profile above the mouth (A.Christyi have this 'bump' bigtime! B))...Nigriventer is close to the mouth...Macrostoma is up pretty much in line with the eye(you can see on the young fish in the pics)....plus Macrostoma are known to be a slightly larger fish....sadly I get the feeling im talking about a tasmanian tiger fish here with these guys... :huh:

Hello Maylandia Hajomaylandi...are You Still Out There????

24 July 2023 - 01:02 AM

SO where is Maylandia Hajomaylandi? A beautiful rare mbuna found only in the surrounding waters of Chizumulu Island in Lake Malawi.

Wondering if anyone had heard of these guys popping up anywhere....last lead i have was here and is from almost ten years ago....people were worried they were becoming lost back then with only one member left having purestrains  :unsure: 

Anyone out there know of these guys hiding somewhere??