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#367848 Wtb: Anubis And Java Fern

Posted by malbone on 09 January 2021 - 03:00 PM

ended up get 4 anubis and 4 java all different from darren in langford - he has a hugh slection and cheaper than wholesale - search for darren pond or aquirum plants on gumtree - great to deal with...........................

#367456 Wtb: Mud Skipper

Posted by malbone on 03 August 2019 - 01:22 PM

these guys are really fantastic - so different - would love to know where their evolution took them - lizards first to come to mind................................

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#367408 Temp Gauge That Works

Posted by malbone on 08 July 2019 - 02:07 PM

well no replys so i assume none of em work - i found a reptile thermastate that works well - its for turning the heat lamp on and off - it requires to be plugged into 240 volts - its really accurate and costs about $30.00................cheers

#366215 Wtb: Clown Loach

Posted by malbone on 06 July 2018 - 04:36 PM

i grabbed some clowns at Robs today and besides now being the closest fish shop i just want to say it was a fantastic experience - got some really good advise from the guy that served me - he took the time to ask a few questions and pointed to some changes i should make - very very impressed and very very happy with the experience............

#366154 Wtb: Tandanus Catfish

Posted by malbone on 02 July 2018 - 12:01 PM

good one mate - they got 2................

#365631 Wtb: Native Pond Fish

Posted by malbone on 11 April 2018 - 04:14 PM

Hi All - I have a few empty ponds atm - thinking of some natives - have too many frogs in that I doubt there is enough food to go round so egg/tadpole eaters is probably a good idea - I tried Fluvis or something like that as they are said to take cold winter water many years ago and another Rainbow fish (can't remember the name) which all jumped out - any ideas - biggest problem is there arn't many to choose from in the shops - willing to travel for anything suitable - thanks Mal

#354850 Who Was It That Cut Plastic Lids

Posted by malbone on 20 August 2016 - 01:48 PM

When i posted i didn't expect to make any lids for a while but a change came up and needed to get on it right away - the POLYCARBONATE is just fantastic and now i'm changing what i have over - thanks heaps for all your help and pointing me in the rihjt direction - glass is past...............cheers guys mal

#343076 Talking Footy

Posted by malbone on 09 August 2015 - 09:18 AM


There was the brilliant Lewis Jetta’s celebration of a goal that looked more like a Kabuki fan dance but no simulated spear throwing, no “up your bum” aggressive arm and fist gestures, no charging at astonished patrons, no little girls ejected from the ground... actually the weekend’s footy had no nasty racist incidents at all! Could it be that Adam Goodes decided to stay home?
Goodes was shocked at the average Aussie’s reaction to his disgraceful antics, but he shouldn’t have been, he should have been grateful that some disgusted footy fan hadn’t jumped the fence and jobbed him!
Media’s Left had emboldened him and adorned him with an undeserved Australian of the Year prize. He started to believe his and their bullshit. He only mixed in white Aboriginal circles that promoted an Aboriginal victim mentality. 
Well, Adam was served a dose of reality from real Australians who believe this land is theirs too. He clearly didn’t appreciate that much, so he took a week off to sulk.
How dare you tell me you’re more Australian than me you bastard? I was born here before you were! I understand this land better than you!
Come bush with me Adam and I’ll show you what it’s like to spend three months at a time fencing on horseback. I’ll show you how to catch perch without a hook and how to cook it, where to find bush fruit and vegetables, how to make real ‘roo tail soup, bake wild tomato damper and cook an emu egg omelette. 
I’ll explain what snakes taste best and when you tire of that fare I’ll show you how to catch a feed of teal duck without a gun and what firewood will last all night to keep the dingoes at bay.
Or why not take six months off, like I did a few years ago, and I’ll show you an inaccessible Australia from an R22 helicopter you are never likely to see. But I guess you are too busy with gala celebrity appointments where fawning activists regurgitate your bullshit.
You want to share this land with me, Adam? You’re welcome... but never tell me it’s not mine too, and never taint our national game with your vile racism.

#343061 Talking Footy

Posted by malbone on 08 August 2015 - 04:30 PM

Go Goodes ... just go 641659-adam-goodes.jpg
 Someone's else's opinion on how to make enemies through your own stupidity
Why did we adore Lionel Rose but hope Mundine gets sat on his arse? Why did we love Polly Farmer and Syd Jackson but dislike Adam Goodes? Because we are Australian! We are racially agnostic and we are colour blind. We can choose who we will like and we will always give everyone of every race and colour a fair go providing we are given a fair go in return.
Mundine runs his finger across his throat and Goodes simulates throwing spears at us in a specially invented war dance. And we are supposed to respect that sort of bullshit?
We are fair dinkum Australians, we’ll buy you a beer and pick you up when you’re down. We’ll shout you a feed and drive you home when you’re pissed, you will never have a better friend for life... but if you choose to crap on us then expect a full tank of sewage around your neck in return.
We know what’s fair.
I have worn the red and white of “The Bloods” for most of my playing career. Right down to St George and the lowly Woy Woy Swans where I retired at near 50 after my son had played in the centre for the same team for ten years planting balls on my chest at full forward.
I’m a Swan fan through and through and at one time, when they were millions in debt, I was negotiating to buy them, before Mike Willesee put together a consortium.
So when one of the most talented indigenous players ever (one of many) joined the club it was an exciting time. But that incident with a 13 year-old girl changed everything for ever. We saw the vindictive, nasty Goodes. The Goodes, regardless of his talent, Australians will not cop, and they showed it.  
We made him Australian of the Year only to be told we were racists. The media’s support of him only emboldened him further, so he figured it was okay to rubbish his fellow Australians as “invaders”... that it was okay to demand that a schoolgirl be removed from the MCG for calling him a name.
Well, it’s not okay! It’s bloody un-Australian and we fair dinkum Australians wrote him off from that point on. He never apologised to that little girl so that little girl never had the opportunity to apologise to him.
But it can be resolved, he can play again to cheers instead of boos... we can again enjoy his talent, shake his hand and be proud of his Aboriginality. It will take those who love to bathe in the warm glow of their own political correctness, along with the dumb AFL and the Left media to shut the (EDITED) up and allow the arbiters of the sport, the crowds, to sort it.
All it will take is for Goodes to do a Bronwyn and apologise for doing what he did. I know, you know, and every fair dinkum Aussie knows we are the best forgivers around. Then he can run on to the field to cheers and applause with nary a boo to be heard. That’s what Aussie crowds really want and Aussie crowds, as one, are the best at knowing what’s fair.
What Goodes did was wrong and insulting and he has a window of opportunity to resolve it for the sake of the game. We said sorry, now it’s his turn. We would all love to see him back as a player and not as an Aboriginal activist. He can save that for his political career rather than bring it on to our sporting fields.
But I fear Goodes would much rather wallow in his hatred of “invaders” than return to what we admired him for and what he is best at.
And that's a shame.    

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#343050 Talking Footy

Posted by malbone on 08 August 2015 - 10:30 AM


Now I’ve heard everything! The AFL and every sports commentator in the country is admonishing the crowds for booing Adam Goodes. Well, now the crowds can add Lewis Jetta to their list of people worthy of booing because, although the AFL might be able to eject a 13-year-old girl from the MCG, it can’t eject 50,000 fans who paid to have their say.
Crowds have always been a sonic barometer of what’s fair and what’s not... and they are invariably right! Forget idiot commentators, AFL administrators are the curators of the game and have a duty to wipe out this racist garbage Aboriginal players are provocatively throwing at fans of opposing teams.
Jetta and Goodes should both have copped three weeks and a ten grand fine each as would have non-Aboriginal players had they performed similar racist antics to the detriment of the game.
AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has said the booing must stop! Will someone explain to this idiot that the only way to do that is to stop Aboriginal players racially taunting the fans of opposing teams... it's not rocket science!
There are no administrators of sport on earth (except for the AFL) that would allow players to interact racially with patrons during a game.
And don't come the Haka comparison bullshit. That is performed before the game and directed at the opposing team, not at the fans of the opposing team during the game.
It seems that angry racial outbursts must now be seen as “cultural expressions” in the AFL PC handbook of how to conduct one’s self as a professional Aboriginal footballer.
There is no such thing as an Aboriginal warrior, or a war dance... it is a myth concocted by urban radicals as an expression of hate and defiance toward whites.
Why isn’t the modern Aborigine who has reached the pinnacle of his chosen sport seen with a traditional Aboriginal girl at gala functions? Now there’s something that would be culturally positive and endearing. But oh no, you will never see that! A trophy white girl is now invariably needed as a mark of black success.
So much for “culture” and the humbug of excuses that justify bad behaviour on the field.
The AFL should put a stop to this racial effrontery before it gets out of hand. It will continue and increase as long as commentators and administrators ridiculously support it as an “expression of culture”.
The universal respect for Aboriginal achievement in sport, successfully promoted by the “Indigenous Round”, is coming apart at the seams because the AFL is promoting unacceptable racial behaviour from players who would otherwise be the heroes of adoring fans.
There is a limit to “cultural expression” from all cultures. That limit is reached when it offends others and in this case it clearly has.
So don’t blame the loyal fans... use them as a guide to what’s acceptable


Did I mention A fine of $5k to $10 earlier - plus 3 weeks - any white player would have copped that - it is sickening to see these 2 get away with it - my days of supporting a girl's game run by bigger girl's is severely numbered. - there is only one way to get a positive out come and that is launch an attack on the AFL and prove to them this will not be  tolerated  by the people who pay these nasty people's wages. - motor sport is looking a better place to direct my $'s - at least they don't get they Mummy to come on TV and beg the crowd to stop Booing after the naughty little boy has racially tormented them........................

#343044 Wtb : Cherry Shrimp

Posted by malbone on 08 August 2015 - 09:28 AM

Say $50.00 worth - I live in Joondalup but will travel a bit sor if I have to - If no Cherries will consider any that are just as easy to keep............



#342620 Talking Footy

Posted by malbone on 01 August 2015 - 09:04 AM

if people really want to know how tough the game used to be watch the 89' Grand Final between Geelong and Hawthorn - as far as I know it's still available on DVD and probably will for hundreds of years to come - it's not pretty but it's cemented in older peoples head’s of how tough a man playing the game was back then.- what Dermott Brereton achieved that day even out strips Supernan  - any other player would have gone to hospital these days but he stuck out the game and was exceptional  - he must have been in incredible pain but gave 110% - they were so focused on their game they wouldn't have even heard what the crowd were saying – all they cared about was the job at hand – winning the game and that’s what they get paid for and nothing else matters except getting the 4 points and sticking with your team mates through thick and thin - I have to be clear the first bounce of this game the umpire should have the power to stop the game and send off Mark Yates who then should have been suspended for life for what he did – I’m pleased to say I’ve never seen anything like it since but correct me if I’m wrong an Umpire still doesn’t have that power………My guess before TV there would have been a lot more of this extremely violent antics on the field –there’s not many people around old enough to ask - I think it's time to drug test the Richmond players though................

#342604 Talking Footy

Posted by malbone on 31 July 2015 - 05:48 PM

if Goodes and Jetta were white they would have been fined around 5k for their inappropriate gestures like some white players have for making signs to the fans – the fans keep the clubs financial  - there is at least a third of them pissed off before this week and now I’d say quite a few more - I don't believe I'm racial at all - I worked with an Aboriginal for years - just the 2 of us as no one else would work with him as he wouldn't use deodorant - didn't worry me he was a top block and had a wicked sense of humor and we had a lot of laughs  - no way is he booed because of race just like the other 70 indigenous players aren’t being booed – well it will most likely be 69 now as Jetta will probably soon find out - he's had his Mum who had the guts to go on TV begging the fans to leave him alone while he said nothing - I thought he is 34 but ok he could be 35 but a normal person would be too embarrassed to have their Mum do that - after this week his behavior has only incited more more haltered towards him - He's his own worst enemy - now a Rugby team is going to wear their indigenous Guernsey in support - that is crazy as they could well cop the same treatment - you treat the fans like shit they are only going to give a heap more - at the same time I don't condone some of the inappropriate names he has been called and that just isn’t right but booing has to be a right for the fans and playing the racial card after the shit he has put on people should not be tolerated - football has always been a tough game and there has been a lot of reference to your family members to try to unsettle your opponent but a 13 year old girl getting to you - go to Bunning’s - grab a bag of cement and harden up - I'm playing the card "I have a right to my opinion" and I will respect yours – even if you are wrong.

#318349 Wtb: Small Cold Water Fish

Posted by malbone on 14 June 2014 - 07:08 PM

I brought about 10 Rainbows and they all jumped out over 2 days - the dogs thought it was xmas...................mal

#315777 Dexter 9

Posted by malbone on 18 May 2014 - 07:30 AM

anyone know if this is happening or are we left with the absolutley gripping ending of season 8 ...............mal